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MSNBC article: Hummer owner gets angry message

As soon as I read the title, I had to post about it on GS.

Let's just say, there are some out there, um, literally "fighting" fuel inefficiency.

  1. MSNBC: Hummer owner gets angry message -

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LOL he lives with his mom!!


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Survival of the fittest! If his car consumes 3x what the others in the area get, of course it will die sooner!
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thats so funny!
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Wow this whole thread is so sad. I can't believe that you'll get enjoyment from someone trashing a 40k car. The ends don't justify the means.

We lived in the house with my wife folks when we were about that age because they couldn't take of themselves.

So sad.
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I don't know what I feel about this article. On one hand, I think that he is the victim of a ridiculous attack because of a personal choice that he made. On the other hand, I feel that he got what he had coming. He obviously bought the car, at least in part, to spite his environmentally-conscious neighbors. People who try to cause grief to the people around them deserve to have things like this happen to them.

So, which way do I lean? Definitely on the against side. As in, I am against Hummers, and the selfish people who drive them.

What to take away from this? Don't live somewhere where the people around you hold very different views from yourself. If you smoke pot, don't live right next to a school. If you like to shoot guns, don't live in a subdivision with lots of kids. Live amongst people who have the same interests and beliefs as you do. Otherwise things like this are bound to happen.

Take for instance my aunt. She drives a VW, and loves it. She lives in North Carolina, but is originally from Michigan. Well, on a visit up here, she went to Ortonville. All white people, and lots of Klu Klux Clan relations. Die-hard everything-American loving hillbillys. My uncle said, "don't drive that car around here or something is going to happen to it." Sure enough, the next morning her car had been hammed, egged, and whatever else peopel are throwing at cars these days. She got lucky.
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Violent crimes done to make a statement usually state the opposite of what the perp intended.
Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. - Albert Einstein
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32 and lives with his mom? At first thought, that's sad - what a loser. Then you think maybe his mother has a condition and he's doing something good and trying to take care of her.

Now as far as his choice. While I don't agree with it, you have to remember what country he lives in....I think Devo said it best, "Freedom of Choice". If that's what he wants - so be it. I think he should be allowed to fix it up and make it nice. That being said, BMW owners make me cringe as it seems as though I just have a personal prejudice towards them. Mostly because they drive like nuggetheads (most, but not all).

With that lift kit and those tires I think its a safe guess he wasn't breaking 10mpg. Still, IMO if he doesn't drive like a TypeA personality would and doesn't hurt anyone let him be. I know he's not helping the enviroment but no reason to screw something up someone worked hard for.
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I don't like to hear about anyone vandalizing cars. There are other less violent ways to make a point about the enivorment.
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I think that the people who did that to his car have got it coming. I disagree with this kind of eco-terrorism. What is the outcome?

(1) He throws away tyres, gets new ones (CO2 increased)
(2) He gets panels replaced (CO2 for production), or repainted (solvents etc)
(3) He gets other repairs done (CO2 / energy wasted again!).

And then he drives it around anyway! So all that has happened is a lot of CO2 has been wasted on the repairs.

This is the absolute wrong-way to 'help' the environment and actually damages it. Also I bet the people in his neighbourhood (or at least most of them) with Priuses, cane them on the highway, and get worse MPG than myself anyway.


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