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Although I rarely sit down to watch anything on TV these days, I can't help picking up bits and pieces about this crap. Anyway, it has been pointed out by local LA attorneys that the average sentence for this type of offense is typically around 10-15 days in the pokey - with people frequently being released early. Based upon that, I hardly believe her treatment by the system to be unfair - until they decided to lock her up again.

Regardless, there is still the issue of right and wrong, as well as punishment fitting the crime. With respect to that concept, I don't think that it would be out of line for Paris Hilton to spend the entire 45 days in jail. She is obviously in need of some 'growing up' and this might be just what it takes to open her eyes to what adults in the real world have to deal with. Nevermind that she won't have to worry about being fired from a job due to incarceration or that this will ever have any lasting economic impact on her life like it can for the rest of the world.

She's thumbed her nose at the system. Now she's getting a taste of what it's really all about. Boohoo.


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I don't watch TV, but this crap is everywhere. I hear about this stuff through osmosis. I know that Lindsey Lohan is in rehab. I don't even know what the hell she has been in, but I know that she's in rehab. This celebrity culture bugs me. I work in the movie industry. Everything I've worked on has been low-budget, but I've worked with some known stars, and friends and family always want me to bring them on set so that they can meet the 'celebrity.' There is nothing impressive about celebrities. At their best, they're professional who come on set to do a job, then go home (New York Actors). At the worst they're pampered little twats (LA actors) who get pissy if their coffee isn't the best in the world, get drunk after the shoot (sometimes while still on set), then complain about their hangover the next day.

Paris Hilton is something else entirely though. She is famous simply for existing. She has done nothing in her life other than show up at parties. I don't get the attraction.

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its cuz her daddy is one of the richest people around, and shes a rich prissy ***** who hasnt worked a day in her life yet has her daddys money to flaunt around.

that and that stupid show she was in made the general public aware of her stupidity...sometimes i wish some people would spontaniously combust on my comannd...

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