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partly eoc related accident

last friday while on my way to my girlfriend i preformed an unintend stunt wich i don't care to repeat.
after losing all break power due to eoc and my foot slipping of the pedal on top of that, with someone slamming the breaks in front of me at a T section , after some fancy steering involving a u turn, kadettski jumped over a 3 foot deep concrete ditch and came to test in a field. apart from a bent front beam it miraculously survived the stunt. i'll have to have the steering checked because i think it's a little out of alignment but otherwise it runs fine. the bent beam has been staightened (as well as it could) and other than a tiny crack in the bumper nothing can be seen of the incident, but i hope no other unfixible problems will surface.
thank god however i didn't hit any other cars, people or solid objects .

now i know when turning off the engine you only have enough break pressure to slow down one or 2 times. but i wasn't keeping my mind to things and i lightly tapped the brakes once or twice because the car of me was slower than i ... anyway, i let it roll because there was a T section coming up and it made some distance , but he suddenly slammed his breaks at the section, and i couldn't do the same. this could have had a really nasty outcome. the fact i managed to steer past all the cars... jump over a ditch and only damaged my own car slightly is a meager consolation in the light of what could have happened.

anyway i guess it's only a reminder that driving is a dangerous thing by itself that requires your full attention. i'f you're going to drive a car in another fashion that what it was designed for VERY carefull.

finally when coming home from my last fill up when calculating my distance traveled it came to exactly 666 km's. i find that somewhat spooky.


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Indeed, glad you're all right! Gotta be careful out there. When I used to EOC I would leave my car in gear so that in case something bad happened I could just dump the clutch and get my brake power back. Since then I have stopped though, too much to worry about and I'm unsure about the emissions aspect of it all.

Keep your head in the game, everyone!

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Driving on E
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Glad you're safe...

I am personally afraid of EOC for safety reasons alone. I am usually hauling a toddler in the back seat, so safety is of prime concern to me.
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Glad you're safe! You may want to look into a manual brake booster, it'll be harder than what's on right now, but usable all the time.
Originally Posted by FormulaTwo
I think if i could get that type of FE i would have no problem driving a dildo shaped car.
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yeah i usally keep my hand on the key just incase i need to break really hard
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lol see this is why somehtings are just kinda dumb. you cant anticipate what the other driver is going to do. sure he got extremely lucky but what if there had been kids or someone riding a bike along the road? could have turned out alot worse... id rather spend $0.02 in gas leaving it running to stop my 1300 lb death mobile than maybe saving a few cents and sayign "well i can get so and so MPG but then i try to control a car with no brakes"

lets just hope you learn from your misfortune...
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lunarhighway -

Glad to hear you survived Ok. I try to limit my EOCing to very specific roads, and I usually EOC with the assumption that I only have only one brake in me. If I have to use my brake earlier than I intend to, I assume that I am out of brake pressure and restart the car. However, the problem with driving is that it is easy to forget what I am doing because so much of it is automatic. Driving with MPG in mind will heighten your awareness, but we aren't machines, so we are still subject to lapses. This is especially true when I am talking to passengers in the car.

Hmmmmm, maybe I should have an "annoying sound maker" active when I am EOCing.

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That's why you don't ride the brake when EOC'ing. I tend to use the e-brake if I need to do light braking, that way I have what's left of my power brake if or when I need it.

Glad that you're alright though.
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Wow the first admittance of a possible eoc wreck. Glad your ok!

I will keep up the eocing. Like repete said. I use the E-brake for spot on slow downs. And never touch the brake pedal during a eoc unless I have to have it.

This is why Ive started to get upset with noobs that go right into advance tactics. Many mistakes were made during this eoc. EOC is not a save all good tool. Its a great tool when used right.

But on the bright side. I wonder how many folks slamed into each other that day being normal drivers.

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Originally Posted by psyshack View Post
But on the bright side. I wonder how many folks slamed into each other that day being normal drivers.

I saw two yesterday within 5 minutes/2 miles of each other . I attribute them both to road rage though . Crazy people in that Metro area !

Glad to hear you "sort of lucked out" lunarhighway ,it could've been much worse.

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