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Por Favor - A Favor, Please.

The 'Mind Numbed Robot' obeyed the given instructions, placed the call, gave the credit card number, paid the $75.00 and then awoke wondering what had just happened.

Not really. What happened is what happens every year at this time when I did my small part in finding the cure for Leukemia and Lymphoma and I do it through this link: 1-877-379-8888 because I know that the money goes to the laboratory, not the marketing department.

Why, you might ask?

I lost my father, step-father and mother to cancer.

Care to help a worthy cause? Send a few dollars. That would be nice.

Here's some of what I heard on the radio;

RUSH: This comes under the title of recent progress: Every year there are exciting new advancements in therapies in the fight against the blood cancers. This year is no exception. You were here. You were part of this program when you first heard about the drug Gleevec, which is giving 95% of patients with one of the toughest blood cancers there is, CML, a five-year survival rate. Gleevec also has caused redemption in other forms of leukemia. Well, there's a new immunotherapy project for the most common form of adult leukemia, CLL. Eventually the cancer cells become immune to treatment. So these cells are extracted, they're genetically modified to prod the body's immune system to destroy them and then infused back into the patient. In phase one trials, the first two patients now have no detectable cancer cells eight months later.

This research is due largely to people like you who have funded it and made it possible. Stop and think about it. Phase one trial: The first two patients who have had this new trial have no detectable cancer cells eight months later. Ten more patients are needed to complete phase one trials but these are the same types of amazing results that Gleevec had when it was developed. This is a new frontier in cancer therapy, and like other advances in the flight against blood cancers these breakthroughs can have applications beyond leukemia. You know bone marrow transplants are a direct outgrowth of research into leukemia and lymphoma and the blood cancers, and you know how valuable they are.

I use and talk about, but don't sell Amsoil.
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