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Shatto has a Thursday

When there is an appreciable pause between deliveries (no work) I often go to the nearest Costco store. The bathrooms are cleaner than restaurants and I am the opposite of when I was a kid and had to stop at every drinking fountain, and it's amusing to see what is new and to people watch.

Ambling to the entrance I noticed a car parked where they only stop to load things they can't take to the lot and need assistance. I glanced over upon hearing someone mention fuel economy and saw a neat looking unpretentious car, a Chevy Volt. Looks much better in real life.

I was looking for the tissues; I joke that the forklift drivers union must be really strong to have Costco move the inventory constantly, making finding things difficult, which doesn't impress them as they are non-union but I digress, and not finding them I approached a couple of middle-age women to ask if they had seen the Kleenex department. They were standing next to a display that made me....well I had to mention to them that they were doing something my wife would never dream of doing, standing next to a stack of doggie chew-treats called: Happy Hips. They exploded into laughter.

Headed over to see how the books were.
The Land of Painted Caves by Jean Auel is in!
We who had watched Ayla grow up have anxiously waited for five years for an end to the awesome five book saga.
I put my treasured book in the basket, tossed in a Tom Clancy book that turned out to be based on his Black Ops game, but what the heck.

Then I noticed an attractive woman nearby looking at bottles from the extensive wine display. What caught my eye was that she kept her feet planted and twisted her body ninety degrees to pick and look at the bottle. I sauntered over and commented to her that I was impressed with her Yoga shopping style. I needed to explain and she broke into a big grin, saying that she is a palates instructor! And she didn't even notice she was doing twist-stretch exercises.
I love finally getting to an age where women ignore and usually consider he harmless and I get away with all the ogling I can do!

Coming home, as I entered Fairfield, all four lanes slowed to a crawl. I quick and hit the 'detour' button on Nuvi but as I approached the Texas exit I see the shattered glass, then the van on the roadside and the big dent on the nose and the ripped-off door and the rest of the refrigerator.
If an ice box falls off and hits the vehicle behind and the driver of the first car speeds it a hit and run?

I use and talk about, but don't sell Amsoil.
Who is shatto?
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Arrow Re: Shatto has a Thursday

Originally Posted by shatto View Post
If an ice box falls off and hits the vehicle behind and the driver of the first car speeds it a hit and run?
I would think so. At the very least you have failure to secure your load, resulting in an accident. That's a pretty hefty ticket right there.


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Re: Shatto has a Thursday

If you hit The Refrigerator and you speed away, that's definitely a hit-and-run.
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