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Shatto Thoughts On American Health Care

Shatto Thoughts On American Health Care.

Much of the world has an emergency telephone number, the way the United States has 911.
We are rapidly adjusting so cell phones can be tracked by the system so that we just need call the three magic numbers and, no matter where we are, help will come.

Coming home from partying late one night, I noticed something odd in the darkness, the vision didn't look right.... As we approached it became clear, a Volkswagen had rear-ended a parked truck. A large truck. And the bed of the truck was where the driver should have been. The driver, his face smashed was still alive.

We couldn't call for help. There was no cellphone service in Addis Ababa, or anywhere else in Africa in the 1960's. Algore had yet to invented the internet, so tweeting and email were out. We were on our own.
Carefully, we extracted the driver from the car and laid him in the back of the Land Rover then I tore off to the American Hospital, the nearest refuge that came to mind. It was closed.
Many minutes of much loud argument, cajoling, pleading, begging, yelling and otherwise making noise with the guard and, finally, a doctor came out. The hospital was opened, people came to help and the barely living victim of his own bad driving was saved.

Here, if you needed help you would get help. If you were shot in the head, your treatment would be virtually the same as that given Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. Not just in Arizona. Anywhere in America. And whatever was needed, your treatment would be free, because they would not check your ability to pay until after they had saved you.

If you, right now, dialed 911 and set the phone on the table never saying a word........In most of the country, help would arrive in a matter of minutes.

As you read this, there are people risking their lives to enter this country, in part to get access to our medical system. Right now, there are people, legally coming here from other countries for our superior treatments.

How does it make sense to replace what we have because a politician with no medical nor business experience who wants to?

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Re: Shatto Thoughts On American Health Care

While this is an interesting story, it opens the door for political discussion, which is prohibited in these forums.

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