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I still like the idea of removing the plug to be sure all the oil gets drained and any metal shavings that might be in the oil pan drains out with the old oil.

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Originally Posted by JanGeo View Post
If you used Synlube would wouldn't have to change your oil... but seriously get yourself a remote control petcock for the drain plug. You really want to drain the oil pan so you get the junk that sits at the bottom of the pan and drain plug hole. I have heard that Service centers like in dealers pump the oil out the dipstick tube with a pump so they don't have to get under the engine at all . . . no fishing the drain plug out of the drain pan or cleaning it off, stripping the threads etc. I am so glad I don't have to do that any more!
lol no offense but thats the dumbest thing ive heard. takes 10 seconds for someone to change your oil with a vehicle lift...which all dealers have and most of not all service centers have.

if u dont want stripped threads dont go to walmart!

i would avoid that pump OP...

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I do mine the old fashioned way. I just get underneith and do it since I can't even see my oil filter from the top anyway. So for me it would not be convenient since I have to get under there anyway. I also lube and inspect everything under there that I can while I am rolling around there on the creeper anyway.

But for your application it might work since you said you could do everything from the top. So if you decide to get it, let us know how it works.
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No, I couldn't do everything from the top, someone else said that they could. I would still have to crawl under for the filter but it could be significantly less hassle.

No big deal, I'll continue doing it the normal way.

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