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The Debt and Killer Elite

The Debt is an Oscar buzz, but it is far from interesting. Plot, Nazi hunters in 1966. One thing they tell you never to do is use flash backs. This movie is loaded with flashbacks, it flashes so much, you start loosing characters. Plus, in the opening and closing shot, there is a 1966 Chevy parked next to a 1981 Oldsmobile, right off the bat, you question if anyone was paying attention.

The movie droans with dreary movement, it feels longer than it is, its boring. It spends a lot of time getting to the climax and betrayal. Then the movie ends in about 30 seconds.

The Killer Elite, was good, not great. It's a movie about spy's in England and the Middle East. In the struggle to control oil in the 1970's, people in powerful positions were assasinated. The survivors of the assasinations were determined to seek revenge.

The scenes in 1970's England were a classic car lovers delight, even a chase between a Jaguar and a Fort Cortina, gave you a high speed car show.

Aside from that, this movie could have been a great action movie in the style of Ronan. Where it died was in a too overly complex script. It had multiple betrayals, spy's who were double agents and spy's who went rogue.

By the end, all the twists left you exhausted, it could have ended 20 minutes earlier. Editing could have tightened the movie up. It was good and the best thing was the cars.

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Re: The Debt and Killer Elite

yup, oscar rumors, nominations and even awards often don't mean diddly. thanks.

if anyone goes to see "Courageous" please comment...i'd like to see it, but i'll have to drive a ways to do so.

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Re: The Debt and Killer Elite

I'm really getting tired of the Nazi themed movie that the Jewish owned Hollywood keeps throwing at us.

How about movies about Stalin who made Hitler look like a boy scout?
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