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There are probably factors behind her comment that weren't reported too. Likely the perps have a long history of miscreant behavior but weren't prosecuted for it. That might cause one to say "it's the cops". Another factor may be, simply being distraught over the situation. Might tend to say things more emotionally charged than logically charged. Who knows, not all the info is presented.

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Originally Posted by maximilian View Post
Reminds me of acquired helplessness.
that was interesting read. similarly, this would be the desired response...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fight-or-flight_response

this "learned" helplessness can be unlearned, as w/ behavioral flaws. i believe this to be a major player in the welfare fiasco. some simply do not want to unlearn and be self-sufficient.

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There's no point in bringing up political views or bashing the welfare mentality. This case has little to do with those. The victim snitched, didn't get any witness protection from the police, and was murdered by community apathy and gang warfare mentality. If he'd moved, he'd still be a Norte?o, subject to instant gang execution by any Sure?o who could identify him.
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Originally Posted by theclencher View Post
It's quite clear who the bad guys are. Gangs and the culture that tolerates them. And mommas that don't raise their boys to know right from wrong.
And the poppas who probably weren't there.

In my previous life as a retail store manager, I had a man (retired from General Telephone) who worked for me as a salesman. Worked to stay active, not because he needed the money. Claimed his proudest accomplishment to be raising three sons to adulthood, in Compton or Inglewood (I forget which now, this was 20 years ago) without them ever spending a day in jail. If you know the Los Angeles area, you know just what an accomplishment this was, and how proud he must have felt.

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