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What a Day!

begin rant...

well, had the day off, so several things were planned. first i spent $600 for a lap top computer and insurance. couldn't really afford it, but one computer for 3 kids doing school online is not fun.

dropped the car off for tire balance and rotation. upon driving home, noticed a "popping" noise. yes, one wheel was fastened finger tight destroying the studs by the time it was pulled off the road.

bought a new spark plug for the mower as advised by a lawn maintenance friend. no go, it's shot, need a new one.

went to the cardiologist. trying to lower blood pressure in order to keep my driving job. my nervousness around doctors is relentless--it's still too high!

lessons about today...

there is no price too high for developing healthy children.

mistakes happen. forgive and forget.

things wear out. expect to replace them.

do not let the medical model dictate your health strategy. took my own blood pressure machine to the office and confirmed the doctor's high reading(and that my device is accurate). IT READS FINE AT HOME! please do not take drugs unless absolutely necessary.

end rant.

can't wait to get back to work tomorrow, after spending some quality time w/ the family that is!

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well if the wheel did destroy the studs id go right back there tomorrow and speak to the manager, what if the wheel actually fell off because of thier negligence? how many people or youself would you have hurt because of them?

yea sometimes mowers are just finicky, ive noticed newer mowers the coil goes bad.($35 part, not worth it on a $60 mower)

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i made them tow the car after several failed attempts to get more than one lug to tighten to the wheel.

they're lucky i don't fast, which is prolly why i didn't notice 'til i was nearly home(not far from the tire shop). BTW, i should have listened to the clencher in regard to NOT doing the balance and rotation thing. http://www.gassavers.org/showthread....st129001:cool:

as for the mower, i might send it to a shop. if the price to repair it is too much, i'll let them keep it!

anyway, it gives me an excuse to go buy a reel mower.
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lol if i saw the studs stripped when i pulled over i woulda had it towed directly to the shop.

my mom years ago just had 4 new tires put on her mustang and someone acidently chiseled a slice in one of the rims, low and behold about a few minutes later while driving it caused the tire to blowout. she threatened to sue the tire place and they gave her 4 new rims and tires because of it.

i wouldnt demand any less than a new hub and rim (prolly wore the lug holes oblong from the scraping of the studs)
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1. Firestone has a lifetime alignment foraround $130.00. I use that up in less than a year, then irritate them.
2. Many tire shops fix flats free, but you have to ask.
3. A big name, high volume outfit, like; America's Tire Store or Costco doesn't cause your kind of problem because they use a team approach where they check each other.
Name the shop that screwed you.

4.Suzanne Sommers has a new book you might want to read.
The Ultimate Weight Solution, by Dr. Phil, and the companion cookbook, were written with input of dietiticians and Physicians.
I lost 25 lbs just by being more aware, after reading his book.
Banana Creme Pie.....is in the cookbook.

Dean Edell, MD http://www.healthcentral.com/ has good information on blood pressure.

Because, your number one obligation to your family is to be there.
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