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Wheel Alignment / How often do you have it done?

Just replaced all four of the original shocks on my 28 y/o Civic hatchback, which, with every Hypermile trick in book, got 50+ MPG for the past 3 fillups.

They did a wheel alignment, too, which sounded wise, considering a new brand of shocks likely changing the geometry.

I'm good for another 28 years. That'll give Tesla time to work out the bugs in their Model 3. By then, Tesla should be producing the Model 31.

How long do you go between wheel alignments?

If done yearly, how many degrees do the wheels normally drift out of alignment?

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I only get my alignment checked if I see irregular tyre wear.

2006 Honda Jazz 1.2i-DSi S Vivid Blue Pearl
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I only do alignments every 4-5 years, and when I do them they are not much off. There are a lot of pot holes here, so that's one of the main reasons I do them.
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I only do it when I see irregular wear, or when I buy new tires.

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Wear patterns are like taking your temperature when it comes to alignments. Without a serious impact suspension wise, there is no reason to align as long as your tire wear is normal. A simple tread depth gauge is your "thermometer".

If you have tires that are worn down evenly AND they have reached their expected mileage, in my opinion, that's the best alignment check you can get.

It took 30 k miles to get then to replace the rear axle on my Mirage. With the new Ecopias, I would not be surprised to see them last 60 k miles.

When you replace any alignment critical suspension component, then align. Tires are not alignment critical. Sway bar components are not alignment critical, since if you removed the sway bar completely alignment would not be affected.
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