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Good that you love your job. Hope the money keeps rollin' in!

If not, you could be the VX mechanic to the stars.
Oh wait, stars don't drive VX's.

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Basically I keep all 150sum computers running in the building I work at. Along with running the the camera, etc for the weekly Live Broadcast (Announcements basically), keeping all the printers working and filled with toner, educating the staff/kids on house to use the computers, fixing the copiers to save some money from having to call in a repairman, create specialized forms for staff, repair anything that has batteries or plugs into the wall, I'm the staff photographer, and am also the consultant for when it comes to purchasing technology in any way, shape, or form.
Wow cool

My high school had this tech team class while I was attending. Basically, the person with the same job as you described trained 20-30 students to help. We were given admin access to almost everything and the teachers had an online database to send in troubleshooting requests.... We also ran the computer lab and did other awesome stuff I know it really helped - they weren't hiring another tech coordinator or whatever you want to call it And with 4,000 students and at least 2 computers per classroom, a fleet of teacher laptops, toner that always needed shaking, a few computer labs and mac G3 desktops that always came in for re-imaging for one reason or another... There was always something fun to do This was between 3 and 6 years ago...

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^^^ That sounds like it was a blast. I wish I had a helper sometimes. I have nearly 60 staff members and only 5 of them know what they are doing, lol.

It's cool that someone else knows about toner shaking, lol.v


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