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I have never once been protected by a cop. In fact, the one time I did call a cop was after I was attacked and robbed of my cell phone. The only reason I called was because I figured that the cops could catch the guys who attacked me since it was in an area surrounded by water with only one exit and they were on foot. Instead, the cops gave me ****, were extremely racist (the first thing that the pig said when he got out of the car was "They are all black, right?" and was visibly disappointed when I let him know that they were four white kids), and started questioning me as if I had done something wrong. I have never been in a demonstration that has gone awry because of the 'bad eggs' as you call us. I have seen cops attack us. I have seen cops arrest people 'for their safety.' I have never seen just cause for a cop to arrest someone during legal demonstrations, but they do it anyway. I have never seen any reason for them to attack us with clubs, rubber bullets and teargas, but they attack us anyway. Your "guilty until proven innocent" approach to the cops "not knowing" if it's a good demonstration is bull****. They always take your approach and that is what incites this hatred of their authority. It is not the cop's job to assume that we are all guilty, but they do it anyway. There is never a guy in the crowd with an uzi, and if there was, they would probably fire into the crowd like at Kent State. I have never seen an 'ugly mob.' Maybe on the news you have, but in reality, they are extremely rare. The cops can't arrest everyone in a town because there is one murder, why are they allowed to suppress free speech in the name of 'protection?' I'm going to put a little bit of text down for you to read. It's something that has been a law for over 200 years, and that has been systematically destroyed by the pigs who attack us and suppress our forms of expression.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
Ever read it before? I doubt many cops have, or if they have they certainly don't care. It seems like these days we have more free speech demonstrations than other causes because of this systematic repression. Watch the documentary "The Miami Model." It's about the FTAA demonstrations in Miami in 2003 and the reality of the situation there. Everything in it is true. I was there and witnessed it firsthand. The world we live in is alot scarier than the corporate media allows you to know.

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the cops aren't congress nor do police make laws. i didn't call you bad eggs, every gathering has a few extremists that might go off. and what do you mean theres never a guy in the crowd with an uzi? lol I'm not saying the guy with the uzi is on your side, he could be some wacko for whatever your against and decide to shoot a bunch of protesters by running in the middle of the crowd (cuz i doubt you know every body there protesting)and open firing at anyone and anything.

some cops are d*** but what can you do? some people hate their jobs and have bad days. but not all cops are bad all the time. most are pretty relaxed. it depends on the area too, if you live in a huge suburbia or college town where they constantly get calls about the same thing over and over I'm sure it gets tiresome filling out a report and such for something thats never going to be found. When my truck got broken into and my faceplate stolen off my radio, the cops came and took a report and asked me if anything else was stolen, model number of it, brand, etc. then he said, I'm going to be honest with you, its nearly impossible to find your specific faceplate again, its probably already been pawned off for drug money and we have no way to prove it was stolen since there were thousands of these radios made, which is the truth if you think about it. no one got hurt no damage was done to the truck (slim jimed the door, not hard to do) so they just kinda put it in th pile along with all the other stolen article reports. When you got attacked, the cops weren't there and you can just say 4 white kids stole my phone and ran off that way and expect them to take off in that direction...they ask you all sorts of questions maybe like what they looked like, describe everything that happened, etc. and if your not cooperating and not acting like your willing to help why should they help you? lol i sure wouldn't.

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Why do you keep coming back to this imaginary guy with an uzi? Have you ever even been in a demonstration before? There are alot of misconceptions about demonstrations because of the media. This myth about a few agitators (usually anarchists according to the media) is false. The myth about people bringing weapons to demonstrations is false. If you want to start making assumptions about demonstrations, check one out. I base my opinions on what I know, and what I see. I see cops kicking the **** out of people all of the time. I see them arresting people for 'disorderly conduct' more than anything because it is a vague charge that encompasses anything that the cop doesn't like, legal or not. I've seen undercover cops exposed while trying to stir up trouble in order to try to build a case. Cops are no good.
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C'mon Bill -

Originally Posted by Bill in Houston View Post
I'm glad we have those laws, to protect the police from people like you. I mean, people like you are the very reason those laws exist. You and your kind made your bed. Now you get to lie in it.

For someone your age to have so much fear, and so much hate, is just astonishing to me.
Doesn't this qualify as one of your "threads to pile on" categories? :

Originally Posted by Bill in Houston View Post
Hi everyone.

It seems like the new favorite pasttime for this board is ganging up on people who aren't living up to one's personal standards.

I know not everyone can read every thread. So, I started this thread to let everyone know when a there's blood in the water in a certain thread, so that everyone can go pile on.

People who will be singled out and abused include the following:
-People with long commutes
-People who drive SUVs
-People who drive pick-up trucks
-People who just plain ask too many questions
-Others to be named later


That's all I can find right now. I'll add others as I notice them.
How about this :

-People exercising their freedom of speech (1st Amendment freedom of assembly) rights


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