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'92 VX for sale - question for you guys


There is a 92 VX for sale locally. Spoke with the owner last night. I very proud retired guy, the original owner. The car has 240,000 miles on it, all regular service done as needed. Said it basically runs like new.

He wants $1900 for it.

What I'm wondering is, even though this is a Civic we're talking about, is 240K miles a bit too much to bother with?

Seems like I could find something with half the mileage. Maybe I'd pay twice as much, but it would at least last me twice as long.

For me, there's a psychological hurdle about buying anything with this many miles on it.

What do you guys think?


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Does it run well? Any knocking on startup? Any blue smoke?

Honda D series engine bearings last a long time. I've had a few apart that had over 100K on them and there was very little ring ridge and very little bearing wear.

You might need new wheel bearings pretty soon- but it should be less than $300 in parts for all four bearings. Look at the CV axles too for torn boots. That would be another $70 per axle shaft.

I'd buy it if there was no smoke under hard acceleration or bearing noise at a cold startup (my and my wife's cars both have over 260K on them and are running great).

A little blue smoke on startup or when taking off from a stoplight isn't that bad- just needs to have a the valve stem seals replaced.

If you pass on it, let us know and one of us might get it (I would if it was close to my area).

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350+K miles on my original VX drivetrain with no problems.... It sounds like it was well taken care of too. I'd say go for it and just check the things that were mentioned above.

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Originally Posted by wombosi View Post

There is a 92 VX for sale locally. Spoke with the owner last night. I very proud retired guy, the original owner. The car has 240,000 miles on it, all regular service done as needed. Said it basically runs like new.
Ben, I would not hesitate to pick the one owner VX OEM you've found. Particularly the fact that you can verify the maintenance records.

I just purchased a similar Civic, a 1992 VX, 214,500 miles, one owner, completely stock with no modifications. The body is perfect, the paint is faded. The car needed one CV axle and a new transmission. I spent $500 soursing a used tranny and having everything installed. The car runs well and I am very happy with it. I'd likely buy the car if you can determine it is in decent shape with respect to the other replies above. These cars are very dependable and inexpensive to repair when it comes to that. No need to spend double the money if you find it checks out ok. Keep us posted and good luck!
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Don't forget getting a working car for $1900 is amazing!

Even more, a car that gets 30+++ MPG!

The monthly insurance on a $1900 car must be in the low $50's with a low deductible.
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is 1900 a fair price?

my girlfriend got a '96 civic dx, 106K miles, for only 2500.
the owner of the VX claims only mid 30s mpg, which is what the DX gets.

my pal jake gets nearly 60 in his VX. but sounds like the retired guy drives it gingerly.

anyway, seems 1,000 might be a better price.

thanks guys.
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I'd pay $1900 for one with a bad engine, that is if the chassis had not sustained an impact or rust. '92-'95 civic hatches are hard to find these days let alone a VX.

If you're worried, do a compression check. I have a VX engine in here with 285K, the guy ran synthetic and took care of it. The compression was still well within spec. The cylinder walls had some wear, but for over a quarter million miles, not bad at all.

D series transmissions can be bought all over the country for $100 a piece, you could do an "in car" overhaul and rehone/rering it if the cylinder walls aren't too far out and run another 100-200k. Suspension parts are cheap too, wouldn't sweat that either.

I've been trying to find a decent shell to put this VX I have in so if you happen to be in the southeast and don't want the deal, let me know about it. Thanks
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92 VX up for grabs in CT

I've decided for me personally that it's absurd to pay 2K for this thing, VX or not. I can get a '97 DX for a few hundred bucks more, with 100K miles, and get close to the same MPG.

THanks for all the feedback. You're braver men than I.

Here's the ad.
5 spd, air, 36-40 MPG, runs strong, has some minor damage to nose, $1999 OBO. (203) 484-7850. Branford, CT

Tell him that Ben sent you. (A guy he spoke on the phone with.)

(by the way, only 36-40mpg?! practically ANY car can be nursed to that.)

The care was found on www.bargainnews.com
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Sounds like a great deal pending the body isn't 100% rusted out. I bought mine from the finger-lake area of New York and WOW it has a lot of repaired rust damage.

My trans and car has 260k mi of HARD miles on it. It was abused in the past but a lower mile motor and some suspension work later, it's all good. Still has the original trans in it which still has a good ISB! wow...

Good luck in the lower mile Honda for sale for cheap hunt. That's a tough one.

On the never-ending quest for better gas mileage...
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I wouldn't get any car that was 16 years old regardless of miles unless you are comfortable working on your own car. It's going to need to get caught up to the maintenance schedule which is a lot more than just changing the oil. Paying someone else to do that isn't cost effective. You can't justify it when your intent is to save money on gas.

If you are capable of dropping in a used, low mileage JDM engine, I'd jump on that in a heart beat.


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