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93 Civic VX for $2,975

The Perfect Platform for Street Racing Conversion or Hypermiling

Exterior Color: Blue * * *Interior Color:* Grey

Asking $2,975**or best offer.

Car has clear title (original owner), and just passed Safety / Emissions test in May 2012. All stock parts at present, no modifications done. Ready for complete or partial conversion.

Contact Boon at:**boon@8x8.biz** *or *(414) 465-8488 *for further information or to arrange a viewing and test drive.

This car is in San Francisco / San Jose CA until the end of October, then it heads down to LA.

This is car was meant to be a track or street race car. Many race at around 1,800 lbs *or less!*


The 1992 - 1993 Civic Hatchbacks are more desirable than the 1994 -1995 hatchbacks b/c the earlier models are lighter.*

In 1994 Honda introduced passenger side airbags which add a little bit more wiring and weight due to the components.

Out of the civic models in the 1992 - 1993 line up. The CX and VX hatchback were the lightest.*

Why choose a VX over a CX? Well many little details add up to make this a very rare and unique car.

- VX came with lightweight aluminum A/C and alternator brackets.*
- VX came with light weight alumium alloy wheels not steel.
- VX came with front chin spoiler for better aerodynamics
-*VX is pre-wired for VTEC.*meaning swapping in a bigger more powerful VTEC motor is easier.
- VX came with factory oil coolers.
-*VX came with tachometers to see engine rev speeds.
- VX came with the VTEC-E economy engine which gets better gas mileage than any other civic in the*lineup.
- VX VTEC-E heads have roller rockers to reduce friction on the camshafts. As well as a uniquely designed head and a high compression ratio for better efficiency.

The Car is already pre-wired for VTEC from the factory and will be perfect to swap in a bigger DOHC B or K series or SOHC D series motor if desired.

This is one of the favorite chassis / frames to build an ultimate street racer. *For some great VX conversions, look at these stories!:




1995 Honda Civic VX - Time Well Spent - Honda Tuning Magazine

Honda J-Series - Engine Swap - Honda Tuning Magazine

Here are some similar Civics that have been modified, and are for sale on eBay now:

Honda : Civic CX Hatchback 3-Door in Honda | eBay Motors

Honda : Civic DX Hatchback 3-Door in Honda | eBay Motors

Honda : Civic VX in Honda | eBay Motors

Honda : Civic CX in Honda | eBay Motors


For those of you interested in using the Civic VX for*Hypermiling, here is some background about this model exerpted from a LA Times story:

Darius Tarman dreams of roaring engines. He owns three classic muscle cars, races on weekends and sells exotic racing pistons for a living. He is what is known as a car guy.

Tarman's vehicle of choice these days? A 92-horsepower, 16-year-old Honda Civic hatchback with a fading teal paint job that takes about 15 seconds to reach highway speed.

Then again, it does get 61 miles per gallon -- and when your daily commute, from Rancho Cucamonga to Irvine, is 100 miles round trip, that's huge.

"There's nothing like driving a big, black 440 with a four-speed. But . . . this Honda is the best car I've ever owned," Tarman says. "I would cry if anything happened to it."

Tarman's love affair with a slow, undersized Civic shows the tremendous effect soaring gas prices have had on the way everyone, even hot-rodders, thinks about driving. And the fact that he turned to a creaky old 1992 model serves as a stark reminder that it's nearly impossible to buy a new car today that gets the kind of mileage many automobiles got 15 or 20 years ago, despite the industry's insistence that it's focusing on efficiency again......

.....Behind the wheel of the Honda, Tarman became interested in a different kind of high performance, scrupulously measuring how many miles per gallon his car got, taking notes and posting his averages online.

Within weeks, he was flirting with 60 mpg and comparing his stats with some of the most extreme fuel economy obsessives on the road. Known as hypermilers, they do everything within reason, and plenty outside of it, to go more miles on less gas.

Tarman's Honda model, the Civic VX, was made between 1992 and 1995. It's particularly popular among hypermilers, who prize it for its advanced, 1.5-liter engine with variable valve timing that gave it a combined government rating of 51 mpg. A 1992 New York Times review of the VX called it "the champ at passing gas stations" and calculated that it could get "654.5 miles of open road between fill-ups, making it the longest of the long distance runners."

Even Civics with more than 200,000 miles can fetch upward of $6,000 today. A year ago, when gas cost $2.75, they wouldn't have fetched half that.*

For the full text of this Story in the LA Times, The Geo Metro as dream machine - Los Angeles Times

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Maybe you should include pictures.

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Photos for the 93 VX

Well, I'm surprised. During the writing of the post, I uploaded a lot of photos!

Oh well, you can go to my website to see even more here:

93 Civic VX

one can email questions to me at boon@8x8.biz

or phone me (414) 465-8488

The car is in San Francisco Bay Area until end of the month, then I will be driving it down to LA if it not sold by then.
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