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Selling my used HHO Jar and EFIE

Well I gave it a shot, I put a year into it, but I just don't enjoy tinkering around with my car enough to continue, so I am selling my mason jar and my EFIE!

It's not that I think hho does not work, it just will be too time consuming and will be too costly for me to actually get it working properly!

You can read my post here from back in May:

I have a 2006 Chrysler Town and Country mini van (fuel injected 3.3L v6), and one thing in particular that I really picked up on when reading thru water4gas manuals and tons of forums posts, is that the mason jar will give almost instant results IF you have an older vehicle without fuel injection. In order to get results from a vehicle with fuel injection, you need to add additional components (like and EFIE) but you also need to produce a LOT more hho for it to be effective (1 liter per minute for every 1 to 2 liters of engine displacement), which means purchasing drycells.

So here are details on why I am giving up:
- My van does not have any room for a mason jar in the engine compartment anywhere, so I had to put it in front of the radiator. This means everytime I need to fill it with water or baking soda, I have to remove the front grill first... not very convenient and too time consuming. And there is no room to add anymore jars up there either, so I can't even add another one if I wanted to. I am not a mechanic, and I am not a vehicle enthusiast, so I just don't have the time to 'play' with my car and I don't really enjoy it anyway.
- After checking my jar to make sure it had no leaks (rubber washer inside lid and all connections thru lid properly sealed, and then also trying hose attached in two different places (tried on air intake after air filter near throttle body, and also tried on vacuum line that had good suction and was closet to throttle body), I found that my O2 sensor readings were only dropping 20 to 30 millivolts. So this means I was producing a little hho, but to start seeing results I need to be seeing probably at least a 200 millivolt drop which means I need about 10 mason jars instead of 1, or a drycell which is too expensive!

So hope that explains my sitution!

If anybody is interested in buying my stuff, PM me (click the PM button below this post) and I get back to you and send you pics as well if you want.

FOR SALE - Used HHO Starter kit with EFIE
-FuelSaver-MPG Single EFIE Deluxe (still looks new)
-Mason Jar HHO (water4gas design with pressure valve & bubbler valve). Jar also includes hose, t-connector, wire and a couple small bungees, and is fully assembled.
Asking [b]$90 for everything[b] (includes shipping in the US)
or separately $65 for EFIE and $35 for Jar with accessories.
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