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Kia Niro Hybrid instrumented test

2017 Kia Niro Test | Review | Car and Driver

Kia's new smallish crossover hybrid comes with three trims.

One Vehicle, Three Fuel-Economy Ratings

The Niro wears one of three different EPA labels depending on the trim level. The FE model (for Fuel Efficient) is the most frugal at 50 mpg combined, while the Niro Touring registers 43 mpg. The midrange LX and EX trims both carry a 49-mpg combined rating.
I was going to type some more but honestly I'm already bored out of my mind from the mention of "hybrid" and "crossover" in the same sentence. It's good for what it does. At least it's on the smaller side, kind of a step in the right direction with a crossover-obsessed public. Don't know of any crossovers (in our market) that are as efficient as this one, besides the Tesla.

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Disappointing real World MPG for a hybrid in my opinion. They should have mated it to one of their strong little diesels engines, they would have 60 MPG as a starting point.

The 22 Niro's on Fuelly are only getting 43.3 and 45.7 US MPG average, it's not that big a car when you actually look at it, aerodynamics should be better than a full size SUV.


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The problem with diesel hybrids is price. Hard enough here convincing people to pay extra for one or the other. With both having good low end torque, diesels and electric motors also don't have the synergy of motors with gasoline. Which means the gains aren't likely to be as great.

Depending on the mix of trims, the 43.3 to 45.7 can actually be good. I expect more midrange trims to sell than the higher MPG base one. Something else to keep in mind with the Niro and Ioniq, only North America has gotten all the efficiency tricks. European models still have the 12 volt battery for example.
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