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1995 EX500 Ninja average mpg?

Well i picked up a 1995 EX500 Ninja for a daily driver. The bike was sitting for 8years so im going through the usual carb issues. Its running pretty good now and when i get the carbs adjusted right i should do pretty good with mpg.

So my question is what is the average mpg you guys are getting with the EX500? My first tank got 48.8 but that was some high speed runs and some heavy acceleration (just getting to know the limits of the bike).

Bike info is:
1995 EX500
921 miles
sitting inside and out for 8 years
All stock.

Gas?? Oh you mean the expensive smelly stuff Grandpa used to power his car with? Silly old Man.

Get off my @ss I'm saving gas!!
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48.8 is right on the mark for the rated MPG so riding more gently will net a nice gain.

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im currently getting around 65mpg with very careful driving and some mods.
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I have a 99 ex500 I just purchased this summer. I got 55 on my first tank. I wasn't excited about that. I thought that it didn't coast as far as I expected, and in checking the rolling resistance it turns out that the tires were very low. I guess I should have checked them after I bought the bike. My bad. Anyhow, it coasts much better now and I am getting close to finishing off this tank. I am hoping to get into the 65-70 range.

The one detail I found researching this is that the aerodynamics on a sport bike SUCK at highway speeds if you aren't tucked down behind the fairing. I always ride tucked when at highway speeds. Sit up and your mileage will suffer.

I will post back when I have some more mileage results.

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I filled up last night and got 64mpg. Not bad because I wasn't able to drive as conservativly as I would have liked to for part of the tank. I had some 2 up driving and some strong headwinds where I was late so I couldn't really slow down. I am still shooting for a 70mpg tank...

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