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The bike has nearly the same wheel base as a Ninja 250 at around 55 inches.
It comes with 17? rims front and back, The bike has a 31? seat height about the same as the Ninja 250.
The Ninja weighs 375lbs the Qingqi bike weighs 364 lbs with a 200cc engine.

The bike is about the same size as a Kawasaki ninja 250 and would have nearly identical performance to a Suzuki DR200 Enduro.

Qingqi has the 250 Suzuki engine that engine has more power then the 200cc and would be more appealing to many with a 20hp which in my opinion is about perfect for an urban commuter bike.

There is an issue though the 250cc bike would cost more, the 200cc bikes are selling in Europe around $2,700.00 American a 250cc in the states would cost likely over $3,000.00 and that takes it to close to the prices of Japanese entry level bikes.

Here is the thing you really do not need a 200cc and a 125cc has top speed usually of around 50mph and with much better mileage, the European are riding 125cc bikes all day long.

Getting there cheaper and using less fuel?.with a personal sense of style.

This little bike is being sold in the UK and it made by Qinqqi and with a Suzuki engine. They are sold in the UK under the Sinnis brand name.


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hi folks new member here i am seriously considering getting one of those suzukis this spring..i tried one of those chinese bikes and it was horrible the electrical system was popping headlights and tail lights like crazy! this time around i want to get a quality japanese bike the dr200se model year 2013..
it cost $4200 brand new with super low financing it is claimed to get about 80mpg on the highway (but a 200cc motorcycle isnt going to fast for too long)i basically need it for a four mile ride to work and some errands around town(whatever could fit in a backpack).

if i get this bike i will post the real world mileage (my guess is around 70mpg).

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$4200 is a lot of money for 200cc motorcycle, you can easily find a used Ninja 250 for less than half of that, with time tested reliability.

Speaking of Chinese product, I have had my 250cc Chinese scooter since march of 2008, I've only experienced flat tires, burned fuses and stuck trip meter, no other issued. I've put more than 11,000 miles on the Chinese scooter, still gets over 80 mpg regularly.
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i'm glad your scooter is working out for you,i just got burned with my chinese "experience" and i won't be going back to it.hey have fun.
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Regarding the OP: if you plan on using it daily for commuting then yea, it might be worth it. If it's more of an occasional thing I'd hold off. I'd say run some numbers and figure out how long it'd take to pay back in gained MPG. I'm all for bikes but it largely comes to a cost-benefit least it would for me...I can't see myself enjoying that thing too much. My VX800 might only get half the mpg but it can do it going 70+ driving hard. that's just me though, I live in a medium size town (45000 pop) with plenty of space outside town. If you just plan on riding in urban spaces, my 800cc bike would be wasted since it'll do 55 in 1st and be there in no time flat.

Yes, aerodynamics play a HUGE part in bikes because they're so bad. I've heard Cd of .80 mentioned for unfaired bikes and I know from experience the difference between sitting up and leaning forward just a little is huge. But again, depends on how you'll be using the bike. If you do all urban riding and never get over 40, it's a moot point...mostly.

My father in law got a chinese bike 2 or 3 years ago. a Johnny Pag cruiser, basically a Honda Rebel knockoff. It's garbage.
-tire valve core was loose when he got it.
-vibrates like a mofo (in a bad, poorly balanced engine sort of way)
-Broke the main rear engine mount bolt at <500 miles. a grade 5 replacement (first available while riding) lasted longer, and a grade 8 hasn't broken since.
-Primary side wiring fell off the coils.
-side cover fell off while riding (luckily rebel covers fit (and better))
-no oil filter
-with under 2k miles on it, both brakes are nonexistant. Using either bottoms out the control lever without engaging the wheel caliper. We've both gone over the brakes, even took the calipers apart (nasty nasty sludge in the fronts because the hose attaches to the top and so does the bleeder). Now it's stuck because the master cylinders don't move the slave cylinders enough to stay extended to move the pads closer to the disks.
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i hear you k980 in regards to chinese bikes,just too many issues with vibrations shaking things apart for my taste.

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