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You meet the nicest people on a TUX?

The TU250 (TU250X Volty elsewhere) looks to replace the GZ250, coming in at the same price point with more features. It competes with standards like the Nighthawk and Rebel, looking like a little Bonneville.

Light at 328lbs, easy to ride, upright riding position, clean styling... Its probably not the next big thing, but its a great option for a first bike that will last for years. Plenty of room for creativity as well...

It may be missing features like an extra gear, rear disc brake or liquid cooling, but comes in ahead of the long-running standards in the category.

It has no misgivings of competing against sporty offerings like the Ninja 250, you won't be dragging a knee on this bike. Running at 9.2:1 (versus the 12.2:1 for the first-gen Ninja) compression, it will run on low octane without complaint. The simple design will also allow for easy maintenance.

Even after 22k miles on a Ninjette, varying from 60-60mpg , I'd still have a place in the garage for it.


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Sure, those bikes LOOK great! if that's what you want to spend $3500 (or more) of your hard erned cash.

Below looks to be more practical:

2008 Kawasaki Ninja 250R - $2600 (Deptford)

Reply to: [?]
Date: 2009-01-06, 4:38PM EST

2008 Kawasaki Ninja 250R for sale. Only 1800 miles. Runs and rides excellent. All scheduled maintenance performed. Gets 60 mpg! Great beginner bike and very forgiving. I'm ready to move on to something bigger. Clear title in hand. Always garaged. Still under warranty. Fairing has some cracks and scratches which is why I'm selling for cheap. $2600. Thanks for looking.


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I'm all for the Ninjette, should be obvious. I like the TU in a different way. The new Ninjette retails for the same price as the TU, though dealers are squeezing buyers for more than typical lately. Give the TU time and used prices will be close to where the Ninjette sits.

The used 08+ Ninjettes are still selling high down South. I've seen them recently for up to $5k, though I think the new model hype is finally wearing down.

The 2G Ninjette is heavier, less powerful, slower, less comfortable and less efficient than the 1G model. It does look more modern, finally after over 20 years... I need a more practical ride for a daily commuter, but the 18" rims are a blast for your favorite twisty roads. The suspension is somewhat updated as well.

There are a few good Ninjette threads here at GasSavers, as well as on the Ninjette forums. It does have quite a following, deservedly. Sounds like you might want to think about getting one yourself. You'd be surprised how fun they are, and practical if had for a decent cost. They do require frequent maintenance, though.
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2007 Kawasaki EX250 Ninja | ZG250 Quarter-Concours
15/41 gears, rack and top case, saddlebags, tank bag, tall windscreen, etc...
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I think I saw a robot in the back field last night. Tonight I will try to capture it.
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Engine reving any rpm, a twin cyclinder engine, each cylinder would have 1/2 the cylinder movement than a single cylinder engine.. less ring wear, less cylinder wear, less topend wear... seems to me common sense.. Have you ever ridden a single cyclinder engine bike at 8000 rpm?
Just to throw some more gas onto the fire, piston speed has much more to do with engine wear than RPM. Piston speeds on engines like a 90s Honda 600 are actually lower than what they are on my FXR.
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Has anyone in the USA bought or test rode the 2009 Suzuki TU250? My local dealer still doesn't have one. I am interested in any actual experience with the bike.
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I saw it at the MC show, but found out Suzuki can't offer it in Cali. I've been waiting, but the more I wait, the more I'm looking at other bikes. No matter will still be curious as to how it rides.

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