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Hydrogen fuel cell

What are the pros and cons of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles? I read that hydrogen fuel cells provide clean transportation. But I think it is too expensive. I doubt whether hydrogen fuel cells will work? I hope someone would help me clear the doubts on hydrogen technology. My friend suggested e this website about hydrogen technology https://www.hydrogenics.com/technolo...en-technology/. Is there anyone who had any knowledge about them?

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I believe the costs of fuel cells can drop in time. The hurdle is with the hydrogen.

Because of its nature, the infrastructure for distributing hydrogen will cost more than for natural gas and our current fuels. Then the stations will cost more for those reasons, and because you need to fill car tanks to very high pressures in order the same tank range as a short range gasoline car.

Then the cheapest way to make hydrogen is from natural gas. We could just use the natural gas directly in an ICE car. A Camry hybrid converted to CNG would use about the same amount of natural gas to go the same distance as a Mirai FCEV. Use an engine designed CNG, like Ford and others have, and it will use less. There are more CNG stations in the US than hydrogen ones.

Now the carbon from natural gas can be sequestered with hydrogen production, and the hydrogen can be made renewable, but this will increase the price. California mandates about a third of the hydrogen for cars be renewable. A kg of hydrogen costs $13 to $16 there, which is equivalent to paying $5 to $6 a gallon for gas. Non-renewable hydrogen won't drop the price much, as much of it is from transport and compressing it.

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In Scotland's Orkney Isles they are producing large amounts of electricity from wave power. But as they have too much for local use, and insufficient infrastructure to send it to the mainland, they convert it into hydrogen, so it can be stored. They are actually considering using it to power the ferries which join the Orkneys to the mainland.
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There are niche applications where making hydrogen from excess renewable might work out. For broad applications, I don't see it working because of the infrastructure costs. It is cheap building a local hydrogen plant for ships, trucks, and trains with known routes, versus for a country's passenger car fleet.

Then other technologies trump hydrogen in other areas. Batteries better use of electricity. If refueling speed or total range is important, add CO2 to the electrolysis process, and you can make methane, methanol, or even a light fuel oil that can be easily refined into diesel. That will cost more than making hydrogen, but the distribution infrastructure is already in place for most of them.
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