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Oldie Turbo, I know idling uses fuel, in my post I stated that my idling time was approximately 20 minutes in 6 hours and 274 miles. 1/3 and hour at .2 gal per hour idling=.067 gals of fuel. The difference would have been:

69.667 MPG instead of
68.500 MPG

Thats assuming I eliminated every second of idling, which would have probably got me flattened by a Moron in an Escalade.

Nissan had fuel shut off in 1981.

Get a probe automotive stethoscope and listen to your injector. Rev the engine and let off the gas. If the ticking noise stops until engine speed drops to idle you have fuel shutoff.

On my 73 Alfa GTV I had a bearing noise, used the stethoscope, it was the rear bearing in the alternator. Drove 12 miles to work across the Seven mile bridge from Big Pine Key to Marathon in the Fla Keys. Took the alt off and took it to a rebuilder. When he tested it it showed good and the bearing came apart on the machine. Replaced the bearing and drove it another 100,000 miles.


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Originally Posted by TheSSG View Post
OBD-II cars use NO FUEL when you downshift and don't have your foot on the gas. Pre-OBD-II cars still meter out fuel when you do that.
For pre-OBD-II, it really depends upon the car model and car maker.

For example, because Honda was doing fuel cutoff long before OBD-II, my 1991 CRX has that feature programmed into its (pre-OBD-II) ECU. And that feature comes in pretty handy for hypermiling, too.

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engine off long before im at the light...It's just judgement and practice. the signals usually let the left turn arrows go first, so if you have just arrived at a red arrow and others are going straight with a green shut down. Trust the pizza guy. I do not always shutdown when I have a hill to climb, I seem to slip the clutch and rev more if I have to start the car first. In normal situations as stated above, 20 seconds is a good rule.
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Somebody build this.

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