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Cool New scangauge II features!

a new firmware version 3.15 is availible for the scangauge introducing CPM (cost Per mile) and Xgauges that u can use and set up for vehical specific information. also trip info can be displayed in the gauges mode using Xgauges!

i'm going to do the update and keep u informed. i'm jazzed about this

I ♥ my EM2

Need this stuff gone![/B]
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Sounds like a good update. I'll be sending mine in the first of the week.

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I've had a SG with 3.14 firmware since August. I've set up a few Xgauges, and the ones I use the most as a "Gauge" are TMG (Tank MPG) and CMG (Current Trip MPG).

Generally I use with the above two gauges, along with instantaneous MPG and Water Temp ( need to know when I can turn on the heater!) as my normal gauge display.
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Originally Posted by Tribor View Post
I posted this elsewhere, but think this is where it belongs:

ScanGaugeII Setup

I have customized the display data as follows:

The upper left display is instantaneous mpg (labeled MPG).

The lower left display is TPS or throttle position which varies from vehicle to vehicle. In this case the minimum is 15--idle-- and the max is 100 for full throttle. It's a good indication of how much or how little your foot is into it. You can quickly see how it's affecting the MPG above.

The upper right displays the dav or daily average mpg. It gives you the opportunity to do as well as you can on a daily basis as it zeros out overnight (I think after 8 hrs of inactivity).

The lower right displays the mav or mpg average for current tank full. What I strive to do is match or better the best one. Today, there was a fill up in the PM so "we" bettered dav of 32.0 with an mav of 32.4.

I'm sure that everyone who has programmed their scangaugeII has a little different set of ideas about what 4 data fields they want to utilize to improve their hypermiling. For me, the setup described works very well.

Relevant (purchased SGII Nov'07). mav and dav are my own creations.

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Er, those are new? I already have CPM and a few XGuages already (Today Average MPG and Current trip MPG).

Am I missing something here? Don't mean to threadcrap, but I'm confused

Edit - oh crap, theres new Xguage functions! lol
edit2 - i don't really understand the fuel trim and o2 sensor ones...and I thought a few of the ford ones (torque) was for all cars for a second. bleh

Originally Posted by theclencher View Post
P.S. I must be a wierdo as I think just because a guy can afford to do something, doesn't mean he should. I can afford to buy 100 gallons of gas several times a month, pour it on the ground, light it (or not)... but I don't think I should.
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