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Scangauge, is it worth it for me?

Just logged 48.5 combined mpg. Cost of Scangauge is $170.00. Gain in using the Scangauge about 3 mpg? If so, $170.00 divided by $3.69 is 46 gallons. 46 gallons times 48.5 mpg is 2231 miles. Gain would be 33 extra miles per tank of 11 gallons on fill up, then need to fill up 67.5 times to reach break even point. 67.5 x 533.6 miles is 36018 miles. Add the 2231 miles of gain brings the total miles to 38249. I am going to drive about 8400 miles in this car this year. So it would take me about 41/2 years to reach the break even point. I am 63 years old so i don't know if i will drive this much in a couple of years. I may even drive this car a lot less. What do you think? Is it worth the expense?

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With mileage like that and as little driving as you do,it may not be worth the price; though I have seen lower prices for the ScanGauge,since I paid $170( I didn't check to see if the lower price was offset by the lack of free shipping.

It's not really all about the money for me. I'd spend more than a dollar to keep from giving an extra dollar to the oil companies;as I feel they keep it just low enough to make changes more expensive than the fuel increases in the short term.

For me it's become a sport to see how much mileage I can get. Before the ScanGauge, I tried slowing down and keeping the RPM's down. I got close to 30mpg;which I didn't think I'd ever see.Then I found a website about hypermiling via AOL article. Found this site after seeing it mentioned in the forums; then bailed from the first site as I found it a little too anti-war/Bush for my liking.
My goal now is 40mpg. I don't know if I can get there in a Cavalier,but I don't think it's impossible.

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I agree. The scanguage is more of a useful teaching tool, but otherwise just something else to mess with and provide more detailed benchmarks on fuel economy vs. a tank by tank method. For us, it simply helped to nail down what works best and what isn't worth doing.

I think, therefore I doubt.
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Understandable, not sure if it would be worth it. Think of it this way. Say you save your $170. Well you supposedly broke even. At this point you have to remember you now have a free scangauge and you can now ebay it.
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Scanguage is not an option for me. The Vx was made in 9-93. Last local tank was 55, last highway was 65.75. Relatively little hypermiling compared to the 94 Del Sol, now I use engine braking to eliminate fuel consumption when deceleration is required. Some P&G on certain roads with speed limits of 55 or less.
Just turned 29 K miles on the original tires.

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I'll chime in here too.

I've always driven pretty economical and saw no increase in my mileage after getting a scangauge. That being said, I'm glad I have one. It's a fun toy/tool (I'm surprised how much a headwind or tailwind affect mileage).
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Is your car a 95? As per your profile...

A scangauge will only work with 96+ vehicle.
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Thanks for the replies, i went on the web site for scangauge and my year was listed if i am not mistaken. May have been for the original scangauge. I have an old 94 Intrepid es that shows up to 50 mpg as you drive. I have tried practicing with it on throttle technique and coasting. I will do some more mods like aero, more gutting. I have looked at the top ten to see what they have done and its quite interesting. Out here in socal you get people doing 80 in the slow lane when you are doing 55 to 57. I have to be on the look out at all times. I would say the biggest problem for mpg is the wind and wind resistance. Any way this takes the boredom out of driving. Now i have a target to hit, which is 55 mpg on a tank.
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Best computer option?

*** Newbie question alert ***

I want an MPG display for my 2002 Camry. I see a lot of references to the ScanGauge model. Is that what most people are buying? Should I consider any other computers?

Gene Merritt - Ames, IA
2002 Camry SE
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1cheap1 - ScanGaugeII does show as being conpatible with your car.

merrittgene - Yes, ScanGaugeII is the most referenced. There are other computers out there, but SCII seams to give the most bang for you buck.

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