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American Made, United We Stand

Members, while you can save money purchasing Chinese made, I feel if a product is American Made and Supported, even for a little bit more, Buy American.
For those who do not feel this philosophy is justified, then next time you see the words "Out Sourcing" you will know you have joined the group which is "Out Sourcing". Again, I know American Made products are more expensive but supporting American companies pays us all back. Keep your investment going inside the USA.
Again, I purchased the ScanGaugeE, for $99, but for a reason few of you understand but each of us, Humans on the planet Earth should be interested in, Emission Toxins which are "Unnecessarily Being Produced in Internal Combustion Engines"! I am not sure how many people on this web site know that it is totally possible for no "Emission Pollution" to be created from ICEs but it comes with more technology then what the Global OEM, are installing into our Vehicles.
Please read the US Patent, by Jeffery A. Stephenson, wo2006/034243 and PCT/US2005/033584 for Hydrocarbon Fuel Catalyst Processing and Blow By Emission Pollution Processing. Through the technologhy "Selective Calalyst Devices" used to process Hydrocarbon Fuels and used to process the "Blow By Gases" which result in Piston ICEs including non piston Rotary Engines, we can accomplish 100% Combustion and have no "Unburned Fuel" which produce air pollution, contribute to "Global Warming" and help deplete the Air/Oxygen we all breath.
While all the "Doubters" all the quick to claim "Snake Oil", all intelligent Americans and Global Residents, should wake up, learn, educate yourselves and find out, these technologies have not been stopped by the "Men in Black" but Global Application usage has been stopped by each individual who refuses to purchase and use the technology.
I can not help, any of you who can not or refuse to learn and apply. Again, this technology is marketed by many companies but unless concerned consumers, like you, purchase it and install it, the Global Healing, which will result, will not occur. I am working with several OEMs, currently, but they either want the technology for "FREE" or they want the US Government to purchase it for them for "FREE". I am have been successful in proving the technology works just have not figured out how to supply every vehicle in the world for "FREE".
Any thoughts from you "Genius Members"?

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I've had my ScanGaugeII for 2-3 years and Im proud to say I've bought it. Not only have I saved a coworker money by scanning his Saturn when it had a CEL for an o2 sensor, but I know that if one of my car were to have a CEL I just have to scan it instead of going to the shop for a $80+ diagnostic. Needless to say, it pays itself after using it for a few months/years.

I run the instant mileage, trip mileage, water temperature (so I know when my car actually heats inside) and I forget the last one.

The information Ive been tracking since I've had my SGII has concluded that its over 98% accurate (average fuel remaining, price per tank, average speed).


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Most auto parts stores will scan your vehicle for codes for free. I was once at my mom's and the CEL came on on her car. I took it to the store down the street. Came up as a bad gas cap. I bought the cap and dropped the car back off to her. Nice & easy, and I didn't have to uninstall the Scangauge from my car.

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Many stores will scan for free, but they might not in some areas due to liability concerns.
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Scangauge and ultragauge shortcomings

Hey, I'm developing a new product similar to ultragauge and scangauge, I just wanted to ask anyone who have used these products what they've found frustrating or inadequate about them or features that they would have liked them to have.
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I have an Ultra gauge. I use it primarily for instant MPG and it works very well. I use the standard 1st page of 6 and that is all I need.

I need to adjust the distance (summer/winter tire size difference(3.7 miles per 100)) and I am a little intimidated to do it.

This likely because the initial setup was easy.

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Originally Posted by KingD23 View Post
Hey, I'm developing a new product similar to ultragauge and scangauge, I just wanted to ask anyone who have used these products what they've found frustrating or inadequate about them or features that they would have liked them to have.
You're too late to that market, IMO. At this point, for less money than that kind of hardware can cost, you can get a cheap smartphone, a paid app, and a bluetooth OBDII the US, that whole package can be $35 USD or less. It's much more capable than any dedicated hardware could be. There are some people who wouldn't want that setup and would prefer a dedicated purpose-made hardware solution like UG/SG/yours, but not enough. I suspect that SG and UG are both struggling as it is.

To directly answer your question, I was pretty happy with the SGII except that I couldn't save/export data for further analysis and its user interface is tedious with having to cycle through long lists (like alphabet or different data available) using one button
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I have the ultragauge and have found it very beneficial to my hypermiling efforts.

However, one significant pitfall with both SG and UG is their inability to export data logs. This shortcoming became painfully apparent to me when I wanted to track average engine load; something that neither product offers. If data logging and exporting the instantaneous engine load percentages were an option, I could calculate this myself.

At this point, I'm looking at other options for my data acquisition needs.
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I have the ScangaugeE and love it. Cost 75, but increased my UK mpg from 62-3 up to 69-70, so has paid for itself in 6 months. I have only ever used the mpg/Avg displays.

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