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Wasn't there a thread on here that compared drunk driving to FE driving? The similarities were striking.


Found it :

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Question is, do these drivers who are driving slow for mileage think of themselves as hypermilers? Not only that, are they dedicated enough to maintain these driving habits once gas prices level off at a [relatively] comfortable level?

Can one be a hypermiler just by changing driving habits? Or do you have to tweak your car to try and sqeeze more FE out of it? Can one be a hypermiler and not know it? Is there such thing as a rogue hypermiler? An indie?

I'm kind of in a "If a tree falls in the woods..." type of mood today.


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how would you spot them? I've had people ride in the car with me, and if they aren't paying really close attention they don't alwas notice things like pushing the clutch in to coast, altho I have had a few people comment how I tend to take corners a bit fast, but controled, or how my starts are smooth, but from talking to people who get good mileage, it's just good driving, and most people notice only the bad drivers.

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