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Old 06-18-2007, 05:52 AM   #1
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Tight suspension + Mtn Road + Hypermiling = Fun

Here was the situation...I was cruising on a 2mi. downhill stretch of curvey mountain road....engine idling....trans. in neutral...basically, a hypermilers dream. The speed limit on this road is 40mph and some of the grades are exceptionally steep, so accumulating momentum wasn't an issue. But what was an issue were the sharp, flat, twisty sections...some followed by short momentum-sucking flat stretchs. Now, commom sense would dictate that one would normally choose to apply the brake pedal in such a situation.
But instead of loosing the valuable momentum, I opted to take advantage of my recent suspension mods(sway bars, poly bushings, KYB shocks) and coasted through the corners @ 45mph. My Toyos howled a bit, but the car's attitude stayed flat and I was totally in control. I made it down the mountain while idling in neutral...I didn't have to engage the trans. a single time during the 2mi drive. Mpg figures for this tank stayed @ 25.7....not bad considering that I actually had a good time doing it. I have to drive on the same road next weekend.....I can't wait!!

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Cool. Yeah tight suspension + good tires + curvy roads = a good time!

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I like sport fasing or eocing.
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Yeah, I have a nice section of my return route that I apply EOC on. My car has 12" donut tires that are $50 for a set of four, and I am not sure if it even HAS suspension. As far as I can tell, the wheels are somehow just directly connected to the car because I feel even a grain of sand if I go over it. Haha..

In all seriousness though, I have a 6+ kilometer stretch that I EOC. My right foot ends up getting a workout from braking, since it is fairly steep at times, and very windy, but overall it is a nice segment that does help boost my FE. Just wish that I had a slightly more sporty setup like the OP. It isn't my car though, and I only have it for another 6 months or so.
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