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Originally Posted by Z man View Post
You would be even less cramped in an xB and get maybe better mileage!
Most likely not though, the new generation Xb took a pretty big hit to the fuel economy numbers. It seems this is always the case, when a new generation comes out :S.

The new elantra should get better gas mileage than any Xb, consider yourself lucky. Looks like you've got some hypermiling skills, and/or freak car.

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Originally Posted by red91sit View Post
Looks like you've got some hypermiling skills, and/or freak car.
THAT would make a cool signature!

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How about a Park Avenue by Buick. 3.8 v6 31mpg at 65 MPH
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that's not "sleeper" enough... all the 3.8's are known for exceeding the EPA mileage a bit, my parents '92 Bonneville w/ 250k on the original EVERYTHING, is still getting 30mpg.
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the 2.2 liter Ecotec powered cars seem to be sleeper cars for MPG. take my Saturn for instance stock its rated pretty poorly but with some hypermiler tricks (mostly driving technique) it is sitting above the Saturn "Hybrid" cars for MPG. The real stars of this are the Cavaliers smallish light fairly aerodynamic and they easily get 35 mpg with driving techniques and possibly higher. Even the new Cobalt is doing very well 37 mpg highway.
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I wonder if the Pontiac G6 would hypermile well? It doesn't have great EPA ratings -- 22/25/30 for the 4 cylinder and 17/20/26 for the V6 -- but it looks like it must have really low aerodynamic drag. Unfortunately, I can't find the drag coefficient listed anywhere.

These pictures don't look as smooth as it does in person. The grille looks like you might not even need to block it. It's full of smooth flowing lines that look like the airflow would stay attached.

The 4 door is good:

The 2 door is even better:

My boss bought the 4 cylinder 4 door recently and that's when I noticed that it looks so smooth. Then, this morning I saw a 2 door get on the highway in front of me and was amazed at how gently and continuously sloped the rear is; again, the picture doesn't show that accurately.
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My daughters boyfriend has a V-6 05 Pontiac G6. It's about a 4 hour drive from their place to ours, last trip he got 36.2 doing 70mph with no hypermiling.

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Originally Posted by JBMorse View Post
A 2007+ Mini with the new 4cyl from PSA is supposed to get low 30s. The S model is turbocharged now instead of supercharged. I'll bet a good driver could realistically get upper 30s with the normally aspirated version at least.

That said, how about old sports cars? Opel GTs, Saab Sonnet, Fiat 850. I've never owned those but they're small, lightweight, and have very small engines.

my supervisor drives a turbo cooper S and regularly gets over 40mpg driving economically (65-69 in a 70). I get high 30s to low 40s in a 2000 civic lx sedan with auto driving 69mph in a 70. my nova i had in high school doubled in mileage when i switched from a predator carb to a holley 750 (5mpg-10mpg)!
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Just picked up a 2001 Toyota Echo stripper, only options are PS and AM-FM radio, no CD.

VVT, Coil overs so no distributor, beam axle and struts so alignment is only toe in. Timing chain so no belt. Came with 90% Michelins, interior and exterior are 95% condition. CD is .29 with fairly small frontal area, weight is 2020 pounds. Tachs 2500 at 60 MPH.


Drove it home from DC area and got 49.5 MPG on the highway staying just below 60 MPH. First local refill was 51.26 MPG.

The Insight gets high 60s average but cost 3 times as much, almost want to sell the Insight and put the cash in the bank, with the interest going towards the difference in fuel.

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Echos are great, for some reason they seem to go cheaper than Tercels did now they're older.

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