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I owned a 2002 Hyundai Accent GS 2 door 5 speed 1.6L DOHC hatchback. It got low 30's in town and an easy 40+ mpg on the highway. I should have never traded it in on the 2003 SRT-4.

I also had a 1991 Chevrolet Cavalier RS 2 door coupe 5 speed 2.2L OHV 4 cylinder. It too would usually get just over 30 mpg in town and just over 40 mpg on the highway. I saw as high as 45 mpg on the highway with it, and that's before I knew how to drive to get the best FE!!

The 2nd generation Cavaliers ('90-'94) can be bought for $500 - $1k in running shape and they're a dime a dozen in junk yards so parts are cheap and easy to get. I'll be playing with aero mods on my '91 Cavalier Station Wagon to see what it can get on the highway in the next few months.

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Just look at my Mazda, 1995 Protege Lx 5speed. Getting great results using what i have learned from this website. The best i could get when i bought it used was 37 mpg hwy 30 or so city, i drove it "normal"(70 to 75 on the hwy, fast starts, no shut off at lights, worn parts). I could still pick one up around 1500 or so with 120k on the clock. They are safe for a small car with crash bars and solid, sturdy passenger cabin.

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The old Saturns are pretty good. my wife gets low 30's out of her 94 SL2 auto and she beats the TAR out of it!! Barly runs under 75mph!! With some care, it should easly get upper 30's
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Malibu Maxx. Only made 4 years and taken off the market BECAUSE it's an FE sleeper. I can get 41.8 MPG sustained at 62 MPH on flat ground on cruise control, bone stock, and my wife's is the luxury model.

It has more cargo room than a Jeep Liberty, seats 5, and is actually 1/2" SHORTER than its smaller brother the Malibu. 40+ MPG for a "station wagon"!!!
Looking to trade for an early 1988 Honda CRX HF (Pillar mounted seat belts)
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Since Mazda Protege was mentioned -

Ford Escort - I've had a wagon for almost 10 years now (gave it to my daughter 2 years ago but left it in my name). She claims to break 40mpg every so often, judging by the line of cars I've seen behind her when passing her out on the road, I believe it.
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i suppose my integra could be considered as such

my last couple of tanks have been 43mpg and 40mpg respectively.
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Dodge/Mitsubishi Colt is one to look out for as well. As well as any other relatives like the Eagle Summit. 80s versions had a "dual stick" feature, basically high and low range gearing for sport or economy, or if you like, an "8 speed" gearbox.
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I agree with Three6eight. But ONLY for highway use. Around town is a poor18-19 mpg. Paid $1000 for this ride. How much do you expect to "save" with an expensive ride?

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Hmm...so the GM 3800 v6 is good? The 1980 4.1 in my Buick is an expanded version of that engine....
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A 2007+ Mini with the new 4cyl from PSA is supposed to get low 30s. The S model is turbocharged now instead of supercharged. I'll bet a good driver could realistically get upper 30s with the normally aspirated version at least.

That said, how about old sports cars? Opel GTs, Saab Sonnet, Fiat 850. I've never owned those but they're small, lightweight, and have very small engines.

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