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Mine is mostly to save money.
And driving slower is less wear and tear on your vehicle.


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I have many of the same reason as the people stated here, it started out to strictly save money. But then it turned into something else which allows me to work/repair/tinker/figure out cars which is something I enjoy as well as a bit of challenge, and also to have less wear on my car to last longer which will save me money and give me a longer time to tinker, and also to keep me out of trouble with my driving technique.

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I remember reading Popular Science articles on Shell's Mileage Marathons back in the 70's. Many years before I had my first car I was already primed to get the most MPG I could. Getting high FE was a sport at first and it still is, but with the higher prices of fuel these days gives me a bit more incentive.

I don't live far from work so I can get by just fine with my 4 Runner and its the smallest thing I could find that could tow my boat. There is good all year fishing in south Louisiana and I love it. Even my boat is extremely efficient by boat standards. A typical boat the size of mine gets about 2mpg at 40mph, now thats not too good. My boat gets 5.5mpg at 40mph, 6.4 at 32mph, 7.4mpg at 24mph.

Ya know I think the price of gas being higher is a great thing. Its going to force more fuel efficient transportation and alternative power sources. Not to mention its keeping lots of other boaters off the water, more fish for me!
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The challenge, seeing my average mpg go up steadily..

The green, this is one of few hobbies I can think of that actually pays you to participate...

Big Oil/Middle East, self explanitory

And the environment overall
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jadziasman -

Originally Posted by jadziasman View Post

Drive 25K miles per year - and live too far from my work which is all my fault.

Am cheap.

Have better things to spend my money on. Beer is higher on my list.

Want others to be able to travel in the near and distant future. Contrary to the beliefs of many - there is a finite amount of clean fossil fuel out there that can be obtained economically. I could afford $10 a gallon gas but it would hurt.

Believe global warming is really occuring, is mostly caused by human activity, and must stop soon before humanity gets placed on the endangered species list.
I will recycle your post by agreeing with it .

Overall I think it's really been how I grew up. I like to blame this little book that I originally read in the 1970's (a very Jimmy Carter era book) :

The Solar Cat Book

I also remember a Geography teacher in the 1970's who told us "We are 5% of the world's population, but we consume 25% of the world's resources". That's all he said. No commentary, just let us think about it.

I have *never* been a car-performance person. I don't like to drive a car bigger than a compact, and I have always had a good MPG manual transmission car to drive.

I would consider myself a moral/ethical tree-hugger who lives a pragmatic/moderate urban life (except for my awful commute). I don't really care about visiting nature and stuff, but I recognize the need to preserve the environment for future generations (i.e. your kids and my nephew and niece).

The techno-part is fun too (when it works). I like to think of my car as a 1/1 scale slot car. Too bad they don't have electric slot tracks in the roads like they do on my slot car tracks .

Oh, and I hate Big Oil.

Old School SW2 EPA ... New School Civic EPA :

What's your EPA MPG? http://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/calculatorSelectYear.jsp
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All the above, plus I like keeping an old Honda alive.
Why spend $20+K on a new car that gets worse mileage.
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Yeah, I agree with the keeping an old Honda alive as well. My VX for instance was on the road down to the salvage yard I believe. Neglected body wise which is usually the first reason a car gets scrapped. I plan to have it repainted well next year and have it welded where needed.
Not a whole lot of people find this worth it for a $2000 vehicle, but I don't understand that. Say you spend $2000 on it to get it back in like new condition bodywise and interior wise and the engine till purrs just fine, then that car is still way cheaper (not to mention more economical) than any new econobox right?
And on top of that you drive something with character (being older) that has proven to be reliable an that has a nice market of used parts to keep it going.
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if i could get my hands on a ev 100mile round trip car, i would spend the money to get solar panels just to charge it from the suns power. i don't have the $100,000 for a Tesla ev and the older elect rangers/hondas have 60mile or so round trip. Nissan came out with just a handful of 120mile cars but i guess the crushed them all.
besides my dream car I'll stick with my ranger truck, trying to get every mpg out of it, the wife hyper mills the house and i usually get a load of aluminum to recycle every week- that pays for fuel
the extra days drive i get from a tank full helps a bunch in the long run. the extra money could go toward a solar panel for the house. it adds up after a while.
hypermilling is my Hobie, it keeps me aware of where my foot is on the gas and who is flying up my rear while im in the snail lane. i hope i don't get bored with it to soon or ill be hammering hard at 75mph back n fourth to work getting gas every 3 days instead of 4.
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it all started because my school comute was way to far but its turned into a hobby by far now. i have plenty of money right now so its just fun and thats why i keep going to this site
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i do it because its what one of my cars was designed to do, and the truck isnt fast so i might as well go for mpg when im not useing it as a truck (usually 2-3 times a week)

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