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My Reasons for HyperMiling

My reasons, and in order of most important:

1. Save Money.
2. Save on wear & tear on the car (less $ for fixes).
3. Low operating costs.
4. Prepare for national down grade of our life style, which is slowly coming.

As far as the environment goes, I disagree with the Al Gore set. I don't believe car emissions are causing global warming. I believe global warming is natural and cyclical, and is more effected by cattle farts, vocanoes, and other natural sources. Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Fact" or whatever it's called is mostly based on lies and disinformation. This Earth Concert thing the other week is more bull****, and is just a way for groups to get publicity.

I don't buy into this Islamic Extremist correlation to my consumption of oil taken from the far east. The US is not as altruistic as many may think. Our involvement in Iraq is 90% for the protection of the oil there and 10% to fight terrorists. This terrorist thing is just a sham, just like the "Weapons of Mass Distruction" accusations. By the way, I'm not saying it is wrong for us to be in Iraq....rather, I am just saying that the "official reasons" we've been told are a big fat lie. We in fact need to be there, to keep the flow of oil going, and Iran in check. In fact I believe we're in Iraq more for the reason of dealing with Iran...Iraq is just an excuse for us to be there. At the end of the day, it is Iran that concerns the US government ultimately.

I'm a Libertarian.

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Saving $$$ aka 'the bottom line'

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Originally Posted by MorningGaser View Post
... I don't buy into this Islamic Extremist correlation to my consumption of oil taken from the far east... Our involvement in Iraq is 90% for the protection of the oil there and 10% to fight terrorists... I'm a Libertarian.
OK. I do agree with a lot of what you wrote.

Just please don't misunderstand what I was saying earlier -
Personally I'm not that concerned that we've been funding terrorists by the oil trade (though I'm definitely not happy about it either). What really bothers me is that we've been supporting these disfunctional societies and cultures with our billions of oil dollars.

And THAT's what's been creating the terrorists. Millions of young adults are trying to start families and contribute to a culture but it's not there for them. These places are so disfunctional, they can't find jobs, they can't form into associations or groups, can't evolve their own beliefs, just about everything has to be secret, the governments are run by bribes, votes don't count if there are any votes at all, etc. etc.

That's where our terrorists come from. From desperation in a dead end society. And unfortunately we're partly to blame because we feed their governments the $$ they use to keep their people fed and quiet. If we stop feeding them money they will have to find real work they can do, and those welfare states would be forced to evolve into something better.

And remember - in market economy, a drop in demand will cause a fall in prices. So even if we can only reduce the total demand for oil by 5-10-15% the price can drop more than that, and the amount of money they pull in can really drop.
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I just don't buy the whole oil thing. It's not like there's a gluttony of supply now, and I flat out just don't believe that that's something the government would do, at least not as a leading factor (although it may have been a secondary or tertiary thought).
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saving money! the farther i can go on a tank the happier my wallet is.
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Tuggin at the surly bonds
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Big Oil/Middle East, self explanitory
Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. - Albert Einstein
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I'm cheap
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because I'm lazy, and don't like to use more energy then needed to get from place to place, money isn't as much of an object, I also like haveing personal expreince with driving a car that gets better mileage then 99% of the other people on the road, I also feel safer in a small car.
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save money

reduce pollution, not slow climate change(see Dax's comment on page 1)

be a good steward

be a good example to my kids

challenge myself
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Save money for college, one gallon at a time.

That's it.

Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what to have for dinner. Liberty is a well armed sheep contesting that decision.

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