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As someone who drives trucks, I am not a fan of the center seating. It kills what's already marginal visibility on the drivers' side. Not good.

Aside from some questions, I feel like the Tesla truck has some potential for really good use.

Gotta agree on the lack of lane discipline. It wasn't taught well in drivers' education; to the extent that I know anything about it, it's because my Father taught me about it, and of course hanging out with car nerds who do believe in lane discipline.

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Originally Posted by Draigflag View Post
Yea that started life as a Kei car in Japan, with the 660cc rear mounted turbo, which was sold in small numbers in the UK. The EV version is also available as a Peugeot and a CitroŽn, although its tiny real world range makes it a bit useless, and I'm not sure where they got the batteries from, but I've heard they can be problematic.
I believe the iMiEV uses Toshiba batteries.
In the early days, it was the cheapest plug in available here.
We are still waiting for the Outlander PHEV to arrive.

Originally Posted by JockoT View Post
You have also to factor in the cost of the electricity you use (unless you can charge the vehicle from self generated solar energy).
I do 10,000 miles a year and spend £75/month (average ) on petrol. That would cost me £89/ month for lease of a 22kW battery. Add to that £26/month for electricity (figures for a 30kW Leaf from https://pod-point.com/landing-pages/...g-electric-car ) and I would be £40/month worse off.
You do need to factor in reduced maintenance costs. A BEV won't have any oils to change, and the brake pads will last longer with the regen braking. Then it won't hurt to budget for a battery replacement or repair with an older plug in.

But I do agree with you in regards to battery leases.

What affect will the lease have on insurance?

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I was surprised Renault and Nissan use different battery manufacturers, Renault use LG whilst Nissan use AESC and NEC by the looks of things?



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