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Engine type consolidation

For some time I have found the Engine Type filter to be hard to use to find certain hybrid vehicles. This is due to multiple engine types that surely denote the same engine type, or not distinguishing between engine types that are surely different.

For example, if I want to find the Toyota Corolla hybrid, the filter contains "Electric/Gas", "H4 Electric/Gas", and "L4 Electric/Gas" - all most likely referring to the same Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive. At the same time there is no distinction between the 1,8L and the 2,0L variants.

Another example for Toyota Prius, the filter does not distinguish between plug-in and non-plug-in engines. There is some mention of plug-in in the Submodel filter (possibly not the best place for drivetrain specification), but the options are even worse than the Corolla example eg. "Plug In", "Plug-In", and "Plug-In Advanced".

All of this means I would not be able to find all say Toyoto Corolla hybrids with the 1,8L engine or all non-plug-in Toyota Prius'es because the filters are unclear and inconsistent.

This results in a mixed-bag list of vehicles and I am unable to get an indication of what the mileage of the engine might be, which is the reason I first found fuelly.com.

Is there no process for moderation/curation/consolidation of Engine Types (or Submodel)? Or perhaps just no man-power to do it? If so, has Fuelly considered a crowd-sourcing approach where the users vote on the most likely (correct) engine types?
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