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Duplicate Vehicles

We have encountered a few scenarios where vehicles were being duplicated. Some were related to data from old GasCubby 2.7 data containing duplicate vehicles (possibly the app said they were deleted but the data was not removed from the database) and also situations where users synced multiple devices such as their iPhone and iPad to Fuelly resulting in the vehicle being brought over twice, once from each device.

How to Remove Duplicate Vehicles
There are a couple options to resolve duplicates vehicles.

If the vehicles in your account are an exact duplicate match and you want to remove a vehicle, you can use the following tool:

1) Open a browser and go to https://m.fuelly.com/duplicates
- You will need to login with your fuelly.com username.
- Select the vehicles that you would like to remove and tap on the “Remove vehicles” button.

2) You can re-migrate your data as described in the missing data, re-run 2.7 to 3.0 upgrade here:

Note: Users with multiple devices. There are some subtle but important differences between the way the old GasCubby Sync server and Fuelly work. Please visit the following link to read more about these differences and how to upgrade when you have GasCubby running on more than one device:

Any questions or concerns during this process, please post in this thread with what steps you've completed before encountering a problem so that we can help troubleshoot. The more information you provide, the faster we can help find a resolution.

Reminder: Sign up for GasCubby 2.7 to 3.0 Email Updates. To do this just go to:

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If both duplicated vehicles have logs associated with them, is there a way to merge those logs before deleting one of the vehicles?

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I have the same issue as @zeroGsa. Had duplicate vehicles from before the migration to Fuelly from both my and my wife's phones syncing. Both have logs. Would like to have them merged. Left an email with support asking for assistance but haven't heard anything back.
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