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Interesting. I thought I was having a problem with conversion l/100 to mpg, but it turns out I was having this problem, of the last fuel up not calculating mileage and fuel usage. I tried the log out and log back in and it worked! I hope it will continue working. Timberwolf seems to have disappeared, and his fix wasn't durable. I'll let you know how mine works out next fuelup.

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The partials will not calculate a fuel efficiency since there is no way to accurately determine the amount of fuel used for that distance.

What does happen is the distance from the last complete fuelup will be used to calculate the distance to the next complete fuelup (as long as there is not a Missed fuelup in between). The partial fuel quantities are added to the following complete fuelup and the volume is summed. Then that volume is used with the total distance between complete fuelups.

For example:

Jan. 1 - odometer 1000, fuel 20.0 complete fuelup
Jan. 5 - odometer 1200, fuel 10.0 partial
Jan. 9 - odometer 1500, fuel 10.0 partial
Jan. 15 - odometer 1800, fuel 20.0 complete

For the Jan. 15 fuelup, the distance will be 800 and 40.0 units of fuel.

If we're talking US MPG - 20 MPG
L/100km - 5L/100km
Km/L - 20 Km/L

Please note that I used the numbers as numbers, I did not do any conversions between litres and gallons, this is why the US MPG and Km/L are equal in the calculations above.

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I'm still around, just using my workaround in making sure I leave the edit screen (done) button before saving works every time.

Seems like it doesn't run the (done) code/script when going directly to save. Maybe code it to run the (done) procedure when pressing save, or grey out the save button until the (done) procedure ihas run.

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