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Gas Cubby and Fuelly apps

Have a few questions about the Gas Cubby and the Fuelly App.

I have both apps on my iPhone and noticed a few "odd" issue with both. I have used the Gas Cubby app to log in 4 "fill-ups" for my wives new X-1 BMW. We received the car with a fuel tank of gas and with 344 miles on it. On the first fill up the mileage was 674 and I added 15.18 gals. Therefore I drove 330 miles so the MPG would be 21.73 but the Gas Cubby calculated it at 21.9mpg. The next fill up was at 964 miles and I added 13.239 gals. The MPG calculation would be 290 miles divided by 13.239 for 21.90. Again Gas Cubby calculated at 21.5.
I filled up yesterday at 1295 miles and added 15.377 gals for 21.52 MPG. Gas Cubby will not calculate the new MPG number and leaves it blank. I checked and the full fill is checked.

Due to this mix up I started searching for a support page and found the Fuelly site. I'm guessing that Fuelly has bought the Gas Cubby app and now plans some changes.

Anyone have any ideas why the Gas Cubby is not making the correct calculation in figuring the MPG after a fill up?

Since I found and join the Fuelly site I recreate all my fill ups on the Fuelly site. Using the same dates and number the Fuelly site will not calculate the first fill up at 674. I did add the original mileage of 344 and 16.6 gals as the tank was full when we picked up the car.

Any thoughts as to why the Gas Cubby's math is incorrect and why the Fuelly site fails to calculate the MPG on my first fill up?

Thanks in advance for the assistance...


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I don't know about the apps, but I do know that Fuelly does no calculation on the first fill. You need at least two fillups for an average. Although no calculation is made on the first fillup, the data from the first fill is used in the vehicle's overall economy calculations.


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Looking at your Fill-Up Log:

On Sept 14 you had driven 1 mile, and filled your tank with 16 gallons of fuel.
On Sept 19 you had driven 343 miles and put in 16.6 gallons (but you didn't top it off, as you marked it as a Partial fill).
On Oct 21 you had driven 330 miles and filled the tank with 15.18 gallons but because the previous fill-up was a Partial-fill neither entry will calculate a MPG reading.

If you look at it like this (as Fuelly does) you can see how misleading/confusing the data actually is. Please make the necessary corrections to your entries.
I'd start with editing/deleting your first entry as it's not necessary. The Sept 19th fill should NOT be marked Partial if it was indeed filled-up by the Dealer. IF you're uncertain whether they actually filled it up completely, I'd still opt out of marking it as a Partial and drop it completely.

You can see by looking at the November and January fills how the math should be performed. I'm pretty sure you're calculating your MPG by dividing by the gallons used for the previous fill.
Simply put:
(Mileage B - Mileage A) / (Gallons) = MPG
Where B= odometer reading at second Fill-Up;
A= odometer reading at first fill and;
Gallons= used to completely fill 2nd fill-up.

In your first post, I think you were using the Gallons filled during fill-up A.

Hope this helps!
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Thanks for your assistance..... I went back and made the corrections.

Again thanks.
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Hi, I have just recently moved over from android to Iphone. So I was looking for a suitable app for my fuel logbook. Because I want something that I can import my data from my previous app, (My cars - android),
I selected Gas Cubby free from the iTunes store, then because I could not get the import to work I assumed it was because it was the free version. I have now purchased the full package, but still no luck with import.
I found various instructions on google for the import, but it seems since Fuelly has taken over Gas Cubby, nothing works. All the instructions seem to be from years ago.
Gas Cubb is still advertised as an app that allows data import, but I have been unsuccessful in finding instructions that work. For example what happens when I tap the "sync" button in Gas Cubby on my iPhone? (Where does this data go?)
I have now set up an account now in Fuelly, and have successfully imported the data there, but there seems to be no link to Gas Cubby!?
All I want to do is import a .CSV file into the Gas Cubby. Am I doing something wrong?
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