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I love the look of the new app... But a great feature would be support for other countries, other than the USA.

I live in South Africa and religiously use Fuelly, but the app does not take into account the mileage amounts our cars read in KM compared to miles.

Please can we have a higher KM amount we can add in the odometer readings when you add a fuel-up?



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Suggestion box


Been using the app for awhile now and like it.

I would like to see:

The keypad function as a calculator, Frequently I have to run my credit card 2 or 3 times when fueling up.

The ďservicesĒ fields.
I would like to be able to delta the items I donít care for or at least edit theme to make them usable for me.

A user input field that shows up on the service line under the date


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Support for LPG and bio fuel

I like the simple interface in Gas Cubby but it bugs me that I can not add LPG or Biofuel or even vegetable oil SVO etc to the fuels list.
Plus my diesel has LPG fumigation so it actually uses 2 fuels simultaneously. So i had to create a second car for the second fuel.
Otherwise a great little app.

Sydney Australia
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Thanks for the suggestions. They are being noted!
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1) I too would like to remove service fields which I do not use. I would like the ability to globally add/edit service fields. Right now, I have to add a field for each car, and I have to change the settings individually. For example, I would like to edit the service interval for antifreeze for all my cars to be 45,000 miles, however, I have to go in and edit the service interval for each of my vehicles.

2) Have you guys considered partnering with GasBuddy to 'feed' gas price info into the system? I use both apps, Gas buddy and Gas Cubby. I update the gas buddy price at the gas station, then I enter the data for my car at each fill-up. It would go a long way into social gas prices to feed this information in a partnership. I don't know if that would be too complicated.

3) This one might be more complicated (while I love Gas Cubby for its simplicity). Would you consider creating various 'profiles' for Gas Cubby? I have 2 cars, 2 motorcycles and 2 jetskis for myself. I like being able to see the data for my vehicles alone.

I also manage my sister's car and my wife's car. It combines the data from my car with my wife's and my sister's car when I am trying to view my personal data. It would be nice if I could create a profile for myself, and put my cars, then one for my wife, and put my wife's car, etc.

What do you guys think?

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