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Sorry for the delay in responding.

The plan all along was to have a seamless transition for the GasCubby users syncing their data to Fuelly. We're still working on that process and will notify of updates as they arrive.

We appreciate your patience.

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Sorry, I've been sick (along with my wife and kids) and haven't checked in this past week.

First I'll tell you about what we are working on so everyone can be in the loop and then address some specific comments/concerns that some people have made.

Right now we are putting the final touches on a new back end infrastructure for Fuelly, basically it's an API that will allow us to power the website, iOS and Android apps, along with widgets and lots of other future uses.

We've also been busy working on the next version of Gas Cubby, it's a total rewrite since the currently available version is built on some old school code. We understand everyone's concerns about data retention and we plan to design the migration process to ensure your current data is not touched. Basically we will read your current data and move it to a new database which we can then sync online if you choose. By not actually manipulating your legacy data file we can ensure it's available should anyone experience any problems. We'll also build in a way to export the data so you'll know you have a backup in your possession.

Knowing that not all Gas Cubby users might not want to participate in the social features of Fuelly, and plan to have some settings for them to opt-out of certain features.

We will bring over all the service information. Our goal is that zero data will be lost and with time you will be able to capture more data about your vehicle. Our vision includes tools to allow vehicle owners a better understanding of total cost of ownership so they can truly understand how much their vehicle is costing them per mile or kilometer. This means we'll need to account for insurance, maintenance, depreciation, etc. Our primary goal is to get our new infrastructure in place, focus on making sure the app migration works flawlessly and then once we are settled we will be able to focus on new features.

We have plans for an Android app which will give our users a full cross platform solution where you can edit an entry on your phone, then sit down at a computer and add some other data via your browser and finally turn on your Android tablet and see all your data updated.

At this time there is no need to import your data into Fuelly, it will be an automatic process that you can initiate when the next major version of the app is released. That being said, if you have already imported your data, you will be able to decide on how to handle the duplicate entries once the sync process runs.

If you have any other questions, please post here.


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Hi folks, I'm currently doing the work with Andy on developing the new version of Fuelly / GasCubby for iOS and I can give you a more detailed rundown on what we're going to be doing to ensure no data is lost and Gas Cubby is still fully operational with all your prior data.

First, as Andy mentioned we're keeping the original app data store untouched so that in the event that something could go wrong with an individual migration the issue can be fixed and original migration can be re-run if needed.

Second, we'll be doing an initial migration locally in the app itself to take the data from the current GasCubby structure and map it to the Fuelly structure locally within the updated app. This process may take a few seconds but since it is fully local with no data connection required we don't risk connectivity issues impacting the initial migration.

Finally, after the data has been translated locally it will be migrated (if the user chooses to sync with up to the server. This will take some time depending on network connection but if connection is lost the process keeps track of where it last left off and goes from there when a connection is available again.

When all is said and done you should have full access to all your original GasCubby data and a much improved app that I'm very hopefully you'll love and use for years to come.
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I just signed up here because I use Gas Cubby and it was the first app I downloaded and paid for after about a week of use. I hope that it goes well, and to tell the truth, I have been searching for other apps in case it turns out that I have to share my entries with the world. I don't care when somebody else fills up or adds a picture. I don't follow facebook and I use this to keep up with my trucks,mileage and services. I know it's your app now and you can do what you want with it, I plan to stay as long as it's private and straight forward. It was #1 for a reason, If it's not broken, don't fix it. Time Warner wanted to upgrade the Braves and they lost 45% of the fans and sponsors. Just a thought.
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Thanks to Andy and Josh for their replies. I had emailed customer service about these issues and just received another email today to check the above replies.

Keep up the good work, as you can see this is a main concern for Gas Cubby users and I will fully support Fuelly once this transition/update/sync/import problem has been completed. I look forward to the new updates and will report back (and even beta test, if needed) when it's working properly.

Thanks again for replying so soon and helping your users.
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Robert, Andy, and Josh,

Thank you all for the replies. Losing the 270+ entries over the past 4.5 years was a huge concern of mine as well as the ability to import the existing gascubby data. I am very happy to hear that the fuelly team is going to make the transition seamless.

Two quick questions:

1) Right now there are two iPhones linking to my one account. I assume that one of us will export the data from gas cubby into the new fuelly app and the other person can sync it from the fuelly website? I hope that we will still be able to enter data into the one account. Not the end of the world, but conveneient if it will be able to.

2) Will you all send out an email or notice to let us know when the final fuelly app is complete? I check here fairly often, but would hate to be entering info into the gascubby app when that sync feature no longer works.

Thanks again fellas,

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I will be watching this closely as well. I have 2 vehicles and hundreds of fuel/service records recorded so my concerns were the same. Thank you for keeping us up to date.

So it sounds like Fuelly will become a native iOS and Android app? OR will it remain Mobile Web or SMS only?

My concern that mobile web relies too much on a connection and I often fill up with crappy cell service. I would prefer to have a native app that then syncs to the web when I choose. Is this the plan or what are your thoughts?
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If we've already paid for GasCubby are we grandfathered in as a paid user of fuelly?

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Should be.If the cable company gets sold, you don't pay hookup again.
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I have been using gas cubby for a few years now on my iphone, I moved over from another similar app. I have been religiously entering all my data during that time.

The latest version did not appear to be working correctly and prompted me to re-register by pressing a button after which I would receive an email to migrate my data.

I was very worried as the button to press said delete all data, I comforted myself by the fact that my data was recently synced. I pressed the button and all my precious data was gone! I waited for the promised email... Nothing arrived. A week or more has passed and no email.

Please tell me that my data is sitting safe on a computer near you, and that all will be fine in the end, to lose it at the press of a button would be unbearable.

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