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Unhappy Stats all incorrect after sync

Synced my gas cubby tonight and suddenly my stats are way off.
For some reason my values were updated incorrectly. Its telling me I've put 391 liters of fuel in my f150 at .32 cents/l.
My Q5 has a real-life mileage of 7.4L/100km but following the sync cubby says it has 17.3l/100km.
Also, all of my service notices have somehow been disregarded, and I am receiving notifications that they are over due by 24,000km
Any suggestions?

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*Created a new thread since it was unrelated to the thread it was in previously.*

Let's try this from our FAQ-

My data was lost and I followed the directions to recover through Online Sync but, when it appeared, the distance, volume and fuel efficiency numbers were all wrong. What happened?
The default unit setting in Gas Cubby is MPG (US), which means it takes miles and US gallons for input and then outputs miles per gallon. You likely have been using Gas Cubby with other units but, when your data was lost, the units were reset to the default MPG (US). Online Sync only stores the numbers, not the units, so the proper numbers were downloaded but you changed the units back to the proper units setting after the data was recovered, doing a unit conversion in the process.
To fix this, do the following:
Note: if you have not tapped Sync since recovering the data and changing the units, you may skip to step 4.
1. change the units back to MPG (US)
2. go to the Setup/Login screen and tap Delete Synced Data
3. return to the main screen and tap Sync
4. return to the Setup/Login screen and tap Delete Local Data
5. change the units to what you had been using all along
6. return to the main screen and tap Sync.
All your data should now be properly restored.
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