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Enter data out of sequence

Does anyone know of a way to enter data into the aCar Android app "out of sequence"?
If I enter something (let's say a "Fuel Up" entry) then remember I bought a "part" three days ago and want to enter that information into aCar, it won't let me because the date and/or mileage I try to use are "out of sequence".
I know I can just enter it today but I'd like the correct date and mileage.

Any suggestions?

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I enter data out of sequence all the time. aCar only seems to balk when the odometer reading that was entered is out of order based on the date.

In fact, once I used a $10 gift card at the pump, then filled up using my credit card. Even though I entered a partial fill-up for the gift card, I had to add 1 to the odometer reading for the second entry, even though I didn't go anywhere between fill-ups. aCar didn't like that I entered the same odometer reading for 2 different fill-ups, which is normally a good thing.

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As has been posted you can enter data for earlier activities as long as dates AND THE ODOMETER fall in sequence.

That said, Acar is still completely lame about being able to add additional expense/service records which are later in time than previous records, but where the odometer reading doesn't change. For example, during winter time I may do end-of-year oil/filter change in early December. I'm not riding the bike but I have insurance expense at start of new year and then in February there is an expense to renew license tags. All three of these records have different date/time stamps but the SAME odometer.

The work-around to this is to enter data via Fuelly web site. Once done that way, the data syncs with the Acar app just fine.

I've exchanged email with the developers several times on this, and each time they've tried to explain to me what I was doing doesn't make sense. So it seems their head still seems to be firmly stuck up the tailpipe.
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That's the reason why I can't use aCar efficiently and looking to other apps.
There's no way to put several different services that happened on same or different day but still have same odometer reading.
Even more, I'm not that sure I need correct odometer reading at all for some of the services.
I just need to have everything I did to a car with correct dates and prices.
Sometimes "guesstimate" feature helps, but not every time.
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