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1989 Civic Project.

I may be attempting to get the best of both worlds here but, hopefully, with everyone's advice here, I may be able to approach my silly dream of a 30+mpg rocket...

1989 Honda Civic DX 3dr hatch, 4spd auto tranny, eng block is D15B.

Basically, I want to know if its possible to convert this to a 5spd manual and I intend to swap in a B16. My automotic skills are limited to brake replacement and basic tune-up level; I dont know if I can even be considered an amatuer.

Mechanical skills aside, I have a strong understanding of the working priciples behind most this automotive and technicle explinations will not frighten me (though I may need some help as far as nomanclature is concerned.)

Being relatiely new this this, I have no idea where to get parts for this car. I search online, but I get shady results sometimes and I definately know that a water pump DOES NOT cost $128...
I have now idea where to go to get information on how to do shom of this work myself. What tools would I need? If I need to a pro, where can I go?
As an example, at this time I'm in need of a chassis cross-member. I ran several searches online but all I get are control arms and superchargers.

I know the auto tranny is costing me in engine ware-n-tear (high revs at the 70-75mph I usually travel in times 80 miles every day), costing my in power and costing me in FE.
The main goal of this project for me is better FE than I get from her now... though I will certainly not mind the extra horses that'll come with the B16 as well as the DOHC, which someone told me also help with FE.

I am thankfull in advance for any and all help anyone can offer.

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Hi lordeod.

I don't have a lot of time, but I can't recommend enough finding yourself your local "pick a part" or "pick-n-pull" junkyard. you pay a small admission and are able to just do whatever you want with the cars. I always practiced on the junkyard cars before doing it to my 89 civic.

Oh, and you can get anything you need there in terms of parts. Much more likely to find your auto to manual parts at the junkyard, and they'll be cheap too. Chances of finding a B-series engine are rather small.

Anyway, Hopefully there will be more info posted here.

Oh yeah, get a water pump on ebay. That's where I got mine. I think it was $30 + s/h

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I got my water pump from AZ for 28 bucks! I actually have a new one and timing belt that I never installed just laying around, you interested?

PS: Welcome the to site!
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I'll post more to this when I have time...
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first thing you do is you learn the basics.
I would also say that unless there is something wrong with your engine, that you leave that alone, unless you are really in to learning what each and every vaccum line does, and each and every wire does, and how to splice bits of wiring harness, because unless you do all of that stuff correctly, it's mostlikely not going to run right, and is going to get horble mileage.
also, if you are going to try doing this, make sure you have alot of free time, and about a year that you don't need use of this car, maybe longer/indefently if you aren't good at truble shooting.
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