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new subject in new thread

ok, I guess my original post has many questions

so I'm going to post a new thread subject on asking how to swap a VX engine in to a coupe.

Please continue on discussion on the white clean VX for $5k. Maybe someone will buy it. I might pay $4k myself, but she said she wasn't open to offers.

websites like edmunds TMV and kbb.com value any VX well under $4k.

When did they VX get all this FE attention? From what I gathered VX, CX and DX were in demand by ricer boys because of the light weight shell. So at one point in time, maybe before $2.00/gal the VX were at the current kbb or TMV price of ~$2k private party, ~$3k retail. $2.00/gal was like in when? I forgot?!

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Here are some pics of mine.

5k is the cost of a hybrid battery, but 140 k miles will scare a lot of people away, even though you can get twice that. That one is probably a California car so it will not get the mileage of a federal emissions specs VX. Original Fed EPA highway was 56 MPG, I think Cal was about 50. EPA figures have been revised down recently. My VX averaged 10 MPG better than my brothers new Prius.

Mine has 41016 miles on the odo now.

They were really hot when fuel prices were high, maybe not so hot now with prices dropping.

I have $5500 in mine with some additional horse trading .

New t-belt (15 years old) amd Michelins (pic is of the original 113 date coded tires 11th week 1993). Car was built 8-93 94 Model (probably first month production).

I would buy that car before I would consider any hybrid, but you need to drive it first and make sure you can handle the difference in power, compared to your Vette. Of course if you drive 2000 miles a month you can easily save the cost of the VX in the high mileage depreciation in the Vette.

And if the price is firm you want to see records of recent timing belt change. Broken t-belt can wreck the engine. Low mileage engines are still available, so consider buying one for the long run, if you want to drive the car another 200,000 miles.

Also you need to either know or be a good mechanic if you try for 300,000 plus miles. I have 60,000 hours experience myself, in bodywork, mechanical, parts, and operating my own business (every aspect) for 14 years.

Will post pics in additional reply, done want to type this again


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Pics as promised
Attached Thumbnails
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Sweet Ride Gary

Gary-You've got a sweet ride. I would pay 5500 for your 27k VX, sure. That's almost a fair price. 27k on the clock is very rare. But 140k?
I understand VX owners are going to get a top dollar, but 5k for that doesn't feel right, like I said, I would probably buy it a $4k.

The reason I would buy a Prius is to make it a plug in. I would pay $20k in a sports car hop ups, why not hybrid hop up to get 100mpg?!

Don't worry about the high mileage depreciation of my vette. Modern corvettes C5 and C6 depreciate yearly regardless of mileage. They were mass produced and readily available in the ebay market. I plan to keep mine vette as it is has depreciated in TMV and it's worth more to me to keep it. 400hp, 0-60 < 5sec, 26+mpg hwy, 175+mph, daily driver. Name another car that can do that! So I claim its a green sports car. (as long as I don't get stuck in traffic- then it sucks 4x the gas at idle compared to civics)

Commuting and being stuck in traffic like I always am in LA, power wouldn't be really used, and yes I've had crappy low hp cars as well. Plymouth Champ, and Reliant K cars! So if I get a VX or VX Swap, I can use it to commute and as a beater car not think about cost per mile.

Right now, I'm on the beating the gas game kick. I'm currently putting together electric bike, just to see how practical it would be to use daily and want to see the maturity of LiFePO4 battery technology.
(then I web searched converted electric motorcycles! oh I want one! more on some other time)

And in regards to the Hybrid Lexus, it's the only Hybrid SUV that get significant FE at 30~35mpg for a 5000lbs box! Plus I need a semi-luxury car too.
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Your best move may be to just wait another year, and avoid the conversion issue. I think in the fall of 09 you will see dedicated plug ins that are actually practical cars, with a reasonable range.

Another pathway would be to get a CNG (compressed natural gas) Civic model anda home unit for refueling. 200 + mile range and fuel from the US. T Boone Pickens thinks its the way to go. It may deserve some research.

The VX seller has picked a declining market in which to sell. the demand is inversely proportional to the cost of fuel.

My other car is a 98 Mercedes SLK 230, which so far is averaging about 28.5 MPG. I paid $6800 for it with 89 K miles, so there is not much depreciation left compared to the original $42k price. If I put too many miles on it I can just scrap it and use the parts to rebuild another low mileage host car.

Check out Green Car Congress for some of the upcoming electric vehicles that should be available soon.

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That's a rip off. Anything $1000 over blue book is just stupid.

Civic VX, D15Z7, 5 Speed LSD, AEM EMS, AEM UEGO, AEM Twin Fire, Distributor-less, Waste Spark
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^ I agree. I'd never pay anything close to 5k for that.
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Here's the CL link

(this ad was placed again 10/20/08, slighly reworded)


I just got done reading both craigslists ads and she failed to mention if the Civic for sale is a genuine VX? What I'm saying here is that it's possible the car can be a CX! My brother had a white 93 CX just like the one pictured with no side moldings so it's kind of hard to tell if its a CX or VX just by looking at pictures she posted. The ads says that it has "NEW" VX alloy wheels. It's possible she swapped out the stock CX steel wheels with new VX alloys?

I would make sure its a genuine VX before spending time to go see it.

As for the $4995 price tag? IMO, I think its worth buying if you get paid by the miles like some employers offer to their employee drivers. I think the CA. IRS standard for paying mileage out to an employee is $0.49 a mile (It varies with different employers)?

I'm a Field Service Technician and I average 5K miles a month driving out in the field. If I was looking to buy a VX for work I would buy it if it had working AC, regardless of the $4995 price tag. So for a person who is looking to get the most gas mileage out of a car so they can get paid for it, then this car would be an investment in the long run. But in your case, you would just be commuting with it right?
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^ Yup, you're absolutely right. It could very well be a CX. She never did say it was a VX, only that it has VX wheels.

In fact, the fact that she mentioned VX wheels yet specifically omits that the car itself is a VX in the title could point to the car being a CX more likely than a VX.

If it's a CX, then it's definitely not worth $5k.
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could be a DX with inflated MPG claims.

three stripes the charm!

Car mods are overrated. Just gotta adjust that nut behind the wheel for best mpg.

Forget about World Peace...Visualize using your turn signal.
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