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Acetone mixtures?

I'm driving a '96 Saturn SL2 w/ 1.9L DOHC and automatic.

I've done searching on this site for the proper suggested mixture when experimenting with acetone but it seems people believe for different cars, different mixtures are required to yield the most benefit.

Also, now that it's winter here in KY, I'm sure the fuel is different than it was back in August. I know this because my MPG have been decreasing even though my driving style has been altered to achieve better FE. Should I even be worried about trying this, or should I wait until spring?

If I was going to purchase and add acetone to the fuel tank, what is the suggested ammount?

I read on here that 4-5oz per 10 gallons is good, then I read on here in another thread that 3 oz. per gallon is how to mix.

Just trying to clear up my confusion.

My fuel tank is 12.5 gallons. How much acetone should I add after filling up?

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i'd start w/3oz to 10 gal. for your application, i estimate that to be ~4oz. then, test increased ratios, but no higher than 5-6oz per 10gal. winter blends(ethonal) are said to negate acetone's effects however.

could at least clean up your fuel system 'til spring when you might test more accurately.

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Retail mixtures of fuels are altered throughout the year mostly to compensate for temperatures.
In cold temps more volatile compounds are added to assist with starting.
In the warmer months these are reduced since the warmer temps help anyway and the mix is again changed to help reduce evaporation.

The changes by the way are small and carefully managed by the process engineers at fuel plants.

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