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Best l/100km or mpg vehciles list

Hey so fuelly has top ten vehicles by amount on the site, but why dont they list top 10 cars with the best fuel economy on average. I want to see a ranking of average l/100km for the like lowest 30 or something.

Has this never been asked before?

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Yes I was wondering the same, this would be so useful!

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Yes this gets asked occasionally. But being able to rank vehicles by fuel efficiency may encourage people to input bad data so thier cars rank first, like some kind of competition. Also, if someone enters bad data by mistake, which happens often, then that would be misleading.
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A ranking of most efficient models should be doable without the cheating concern. A list for each car class would be helpful for those researching their next car.
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a curated list

it should be pretty trivial to program out the edge cases. Especially when we are dealing with averages. I could almost write the sql statement myself, data unseen :P. I am sure the cars that are like 6L/100km or lower will float to the top no matter how much people try to game the system by upranking their one particular escalade (I dont see why people would do that though, can't they do that now anyway?). It could be a curated list to get around that, they dont even necessarily have to publish the data (because its all on fuelly anyway, you can confirm by looking if you want).

It wouldn't be for individual cars, but rather averaged across a model line or even model line + generation.

I would be happy personally with model, by engine, and or trim type (eg hybrid, lx, dx, etc).

if anyone has such an informal list, feel free to post that too. I am just trying to find a used circa 2010'ish car to buy that has low fuel use, and isnt popular and therefor overpriced in the used market, like a 3rd gen prius.

If anyone is interested, my skimming of the fuelly database has yielded the following averages so far. Just looking for vehicles i missed. I got these by searching for hybrid on CL, under $10k, later than 2009 model year, and seeing what popped up over the last 3 months or so. Then i did some exploratory research like with the lexuses, but it takes a long time. I figured with all the fuel bros on here, someone must have made a list that i could use to find my next dream car!

- toyota camry hybrid - 2009 = 7-10

- saturn vue hybrid - 2009 = 9.7

- honda civic hybrid = 6 (2006-2011 in is improved model but 2012-2015 is the one where they switched to lithium batteries)

- ford fusion hybrid - 2011 = 6-8

- hyundai sonata hybrid - 2013 = 7-8

- lexus - 450h = 9
- 250h = 7.5
- es300h = 6-7
- ct200h = 5.6- 6
- is 300h = 6-7
- 600h = 14 (lol)

- prius 2009 = 5-6

- hyundai elantra - 7-8

- nissan leaf = 0 (100km per charge roughly for a used 2013ish with 8-10 battery bars left)
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