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Originally Posted by gtstwincam View Post
145k miles. K&N drop in filter. used the upshift indicator light while driving
Approx 80% hwy, 20% City


Fully tuned. 5w-30 Mobil 1 sythentic. Stock VX wheels and tires. 32psi on the tires.
/me thrusts palm into forehead.

three stripes the charm!

Car mods are overrated. Just gotta adjust that nut behind the wheel for best mpg.

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386 000km VX

Look at my signature for FE.

Just swap my 35L (10 gallons) fuel tank for a 51L (13.5 gallons).

Now I will have a 1100km (almost 700 miles) autonomy.

286 000km (177 000 miles) still running like a new!

Running on Mobil-1 5w30 synthetic oil

Electrical spoiler style sunroof
44 psi of nitrogen in tire (Goodyear Alegra)
Mitsubishi Eclipse OEM leather shifter knob
Right hand mirror
OEM Clock
K&N air filter in the OEM box
Full LED conversion
LED red/clear LED Tail light
OEM style fog light
Accesorie Repainted as a SI(mirror, side molder, truck deflector & front and rear spoiler)

92 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 4G63 A/T AWDTturbo 12.122@112.9 mph 0-60MPH:3.6s 50-75MPH:2.4s ,2x 92 Honda Civic VX (4.7l/100km)
Gone in 12 seconds GO FAST WITH CLASS, DON'T USE NOS!
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D15Z1 + 95 EX coupe
4 wire + chipped P28 (more mods are listed in my garage)
my gas log is also there (~39mpg average)

I am hoping for a little better FE once I finish up the plans for the car.
1984 Volvo 242Ti (in storage) Boost+Bosch CIS = :cry:
2004 Pilot EX
2008 Fit Sport
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1993 Civic VX (I think it was a CX by looking up the vin number, but it has VX motor and trans)

50/50 Highway City

44MPG Average

35-38 with the A/C on

Highest ever was 47MPG

I just don't know how to get more mileage out of it. I did just buy some Sumitomo tires today. The correct size this time, 165/70R13. I don't always drive the best FE but most of the time I drive easy.
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94 Fed VX
70/30 Highway/City
48.5 mpg average over the last month
I usually go 70-75 on the highway
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94VX 150k miles. 49 state ecu swap; DMM to monitor lean burn; vacuum gauge for consistancy; 44psi tire pressure; 70/30 hwy/city; carpool w/ 1 additional person. 58-59mpg.

My current tank is a test w/o hypermiling. During this test im going 70-80mph. accelerating fast, etc. Still keeping it in lean burn when I can. Looks like im going to hit 45 or better. I also have a SuperMID on the way to help me be more informed with my driving teqnique.
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92 VX @ 214,600 miles, CA version upgraded to Fed version at change of ownership. All stock and excellent mechanicals. 175/70-13 tires on VX rims (Perelli Cinturato P3000 lasted 79k miles with 3/8ths remaining..

~42 mpg on first two full tanks, 75% highway, 25% city

Have a new o2 sensor on its way, the one now in-use has 101,000 miles on it and is 7yrs years old per records. My guess is the intakes are clogged with carbon after 17 years. At some point I intend to remove the intake completely and clean it out, expecting clogged EGR ports.
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I have a 94 canadian vx with the fed ecu. It is stock except for grill block and tape on front end for aero. I run about 40 psi in the tires, cheapy 175/70 on the stock wheels. I have been slacking on the gaslogs for a while, but I would get 47-49 in the cold and snow, and 53-58 in the summertime. I don't think I need the lean burn indicator now, I can feel it going in and coming out.
One hint i have found: when going up a hill and trying to use maximum power in lean burn with out it coming out, push the gas slowly down just until the shift light comes off (only works in 4th and 3rd). This level will be the maximum power you can use without it coming out of lean burn. as the car slows when going up the hill you may have to let off slightly to keep it in lean burn...after practice you get a feel for it.
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Re: Civic VX -post your MPG

Originally Posted by vxhatch View Post
...along with vehicle mods, type of driving & comments. My hope is that this will give other VX owners a feel for how their FE stacks-up with others. Here's mine:

vehicle: 92 Civic VX (stock)
odo: 135k
MPG mods: none
last tank MPG: 44
hwy/city: 70/30%
comments: Last tank was used entirely for my a daily 80-mile round-trip commute between Annapolis, MD and Arlington, VA. It's primarily highway, where I try to keep it <70MPH, but also has some city driving, traffic lights and stop-n-go traffic. I do attempt to conserve fuel in my driving techniques, but I am not a hypermiler. No drafting EOC, etc.

I have a 95 VX. I travel for work, about 60k miles a year. I carry about 350lbs of samples, and about 200lbs of me. It has 200+k miles. It's bone stock. I have thought about a chip or something, but I'm worried about reliability. I keep it tuned and a clean air filter... also check air pressure regularly. 40psi is where I keep em. I try to coast to stops, and not drive it WOT much. I don't try to Hypermile, but I do try to drive responsibly. I use the shift light. Let's get real here, I'm in south Carolina, so the AC is on if it's hot outside.. I want MPG, but I'm no sadist. The thing runs great. My BEST MPG I ever got was 44, the worst was 37. This is mostly Highway mileage. I drive 8-10 over the limit, and I don't baby it. I think the best MPG is around 61 to 63. My car is weighted down, but that's why I have it, for work. I love the car, I would recommend it to anyone wanting to save on fuel.... almost like a hybrid. Any tips from the pros would be appreciated Good luck

95 VX
37-44 MPG
41 Average Mostly Highway travel.
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Re: Civic VX -post your MPG

Kendaddy, please join the garage section. You can post pics of your car and start a gas log. You'll be able to see how your car performs under all kinds of conditions and find out what seems to work best for you. I highly recommend it. Take a look at mine if you want. The garage section is a great, great part of this community. Welcome aboard!

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