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Question coast to coast trip checklist

either next month or in October, i will be driving from Jacksonville, FL to Salem, OR. here is what i can think of to make sure my car is running at its top to make it...

*new tires - Uniroyal Tiger Paw AWP - II
*new wiper blades - Bosch Icon
*tune up - AC Delco wires, platinum plugs, K&N air filter, and new coil packs
*struts - going in next weekend - Monroe Reflex w/ KYB upper mounts
*changed tranny fluid - Mobile 1 synthetic ATF - its a manual, but clean fluid never hurts.
* flushed clutch hydrolic system used Advanced Auto brand dot 3 fluid
*new brakes all around
*flushed brake system
*flushed power steering
*installed my Scangauge - still tuning it in.
*changed coolant -

i will be changing the oil the day before i leave. i will be using Mobile 1 0w40 w/ a Pure One gold filter.

i am pretty confidant that i haven't forgotten anything but if i have, please let me know.

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Assuming that everything is tuned right, I would add a few extra items.

1. 2 bottles of engine oil (in case your car burns oil)
2a. A full size spare tire (it sucks driving on a donut)
2b. If can't get a full size spare, get a tire sealer with foam
3. A small icebox for your favorite cold beverage
4. Maps for obvious reasons.
5. Tire Pressure gauge & potable Tire pump
6. Valentine one (V1) radar detector, if you drive fast
7. A membership to AAA for ~$50/yr in case of a major emergency. It pays for itself if you need your car towed, and you get ~$5 discounts on most hotels.

The drive should be a lot of fun. I've done WA <--> GA a few times, and it's a pretty pleasant drive. I don't know which route your taking, but if you're going through Denver, take it easy up the mountain road. If you're going all the way up to SD/ND, stop by at Wall Drug and get a sticker. :P

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Wow, you guys have covered it pretty good.

Don't forget your cell phone and a 110v and a car charger. Personally, I never leave home without mine.

A "laptop" would be real handy.

Wishing you a safe and enjoyable trip. And keep a log for gas mileage and expenses and such and when you get back you can tell us about your trip.
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also bring tons of cd's lol. i never leave without them (took road trips alone from wa to pa, pa to FL before.

also check your tie rod ends/ steering system when you change the struts.
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I'll second the cell phone and charger.
I also like to keep a tire plugging kit in all my vehicles.
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My votes go for a laptop, mp3 player, GPS, good spare and a can of tire foam, old sleeping bag (great for spreading out on the ground if you have to crawl under the car) spare fuses, also an extra bottle of each fluid... ATF, Oil, brake, power steering, and a gallon of 50/50 coolant. Electric tape, duct tape, and teflon tape. A small set of tools, and one of those thermoelectric coolers you plug into the cigar lighter are great for road trips too. I think I mentioned everything... I'm a bit anal but I like to be prepared for anything. I carry everything listed in my vehicles on a regular basis except for the cooler. I rarely ever use any of it, but I'd hate to spend $100 on a tow truck because I didn't have a socket set with me.


EDIT: Oh, cell phone too!

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Lots of CD's for the long ride. A CB is also nice to have to get information on traffic jams ahead of you. A GPS unit is also nice to have to map you way around detours. Check your drive belt and make sure there is no wear. Replace if necessary. Keep an extra gallon of windshield fluid in the trunk.
2994 miles is a pretty long drive. Are you doing this one alone or with company?
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Check belts including timing belt, radiator/heater hoses and if you need to replace any hoses it would be a good time to replace the thermostat while you have the cooling system drained.
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If the car is a 2.2 make damm sure the Belt tensioner assembly is working properly and not sticking... I have replace tons of these items.
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i appreciate all the replies. there was some stuff that i forgot to mention in the checklist (the car needed a lot of work when i bought it.). i replaced te belt and tentioner when i replaced tha a/c compressor. the tie rods (inner and outer) on both sides were replaced about 2 months ago. i do have a full sized spare. my cell phone has gps but i also have an atlas and will be picking up maps of each state at rest areas. since i am moving, i will have all my tools with me. i keep a safety kit in the glove box (first aid, flares, reflactive sticks, plug kit and some money). i will have my laptop with me, but i dont have a car charger for it nor do i have a broadband card. so it looks like all i am forgetting is the fluids.

i will have about 800 lbs in the car with me (i don't own much stuff) but i am hoping to average ~40-45 mpg.

the route i will be taking is I-10 to I-65 thru alabama to visit family. then I-65 to I-24 to st louis. then just basically follow the mapquest directions from there. but when i get to oregon, instead of going thru the dalles i will be taking highway 20 off of i-84. it saves almost 100 miles that way. takes a bit longer, but i had rather drive thru the mountains that the high desert...

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