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Originally Posted by iss407 View Post
I'm just looking for a ballpark figure. They estimate that most conversion EVs use 200-400 wh/mile, which is 15-30hp. I figure the SC2 is on the low end of that scale, say 15hp. If it is 15hp for a car that averages say 38 mpg then if I did enough careful driving to get the equivalent of 57 mpg would I be only using about 10hp? Is a 50% increase in mileage possible?
You're looking at it wrong. wh/mile is your new MPG. HP is still HP either way.

Electric motors are a totally different beast than gasoline engines. Their load to consumption ratings are usually linear but with a DC motor the more load the brushes have to carry the more they end up wasting. You are right though, DC motors are more efficient at speed.

Don't try to get toooo close to running the motor at maximum capacity on the freeway, remember, DC motors are less efficient the more they are loaded.

- Kyle
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the ideal motor for this application is either an Advanced DC 9inch about 20 hp or a warp 9inch this will net you good performance very similar to the gas engine. Controller oatmar Zilla Z1K and as many batteries as you can cram into the chassis (Exide Orbital is a great choice)

Good luck and have fun with the 200 LB/FT @ 0 RPM

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Ideal is right. I'd love to be able to afford that, but it ain't happening. I have a used Curtis 1231C 120V controller that I was given. I'm going to prove out the system with some old and tired 12V AGMs I have. After everything is up I'll get a bunch of 6V Flooded Golf Cart Batteries from Sam's. I know the 9" is way out of my range. I am looking at 6.7" at the moment. And 8" would be a stretch.
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Ebay would be a good friend for this project

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I don't know, but I think 16.5 HP that this motor offers may give you the flexibility to leave the tranny in OD to get better speed and range.


Ebay 16.5 HP electric motor.


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