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did you see this: http://www.fuelvaporcar.com/html/the_car.html

There are least two blogs that talk about this phenomenol ride. That 7000 pos company is a wanabe fuelvapor technologies...

Originally Posted by DaX View Post
Sounds pretty bogus to me. One of the listed features on the Fuel Save 7K page is "NEW LASER ETCHED LABEL- No more sticky labels for the 7000." Sounds like they're scrounging for ideas to promote this thing with.

Based on THIS DRAWING I would say it would actually decrease gas mileage, at least on a Honda (where the majority of my knowledge lies). If you look at the drawing, the gasoline supplied to the module comes from the fuel line - I'm guessing the one supplying the rail with fuel. They claim that fuel consumption is decreased by the injectors because of this device's ability to re-inject fuel vapor mixed with light emissions. The sneaky thing they don't mention is that the ECU has NO control over the fuel pressure in the lines - the fuel pump is constantly running and returning fuel to the tank while maintaining a set rail pressure with the fuel pressure regulator. Regardless of whether or not the ECU trims fuel at the injectors, it cannot trim fuel going to this device.

Essentially all this thing does is bypass the injectors to get unmetered fuel to the combustion chamber. If their claims are correct that by vaporizing the fuel better you will see an increase in mileage, then my DPFI engine (which injects fuel further upstream than an MPFI engine) will get better mileage due to better atomization of fuel than an MPFI engine.

As always, I would consider all these things "guilty until proven innocent."

As for the place you found it, I think Matt has Google ad's that are related to Fuel Efficiency help pay for the site. He can't pick and choose the good sites from the snake oil sites.

"You have to know the truth, and seek the truth, and the truth will set you free."
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Heh, that idea of a shutter on the grill is something very old. I remember seeing something on TV about a 30's era car that had that exact thing.

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Nortonpro - that's a very interesting little car - 1.5L turbocharged Honda engine, CRX and Porsche suspension/steering - I'd be very interested to learn more about exactly what engine they're using and what special modifications they're using. If we could back just this technology out of the Alé and put it on my car...
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Thumbs up Fuel Saver 5000 worked for me...

I don't know about the 7000 but I used the Fuel Saver 5000 from URL REMOVED and it worked great. I went from 13mpg to almost 19mpg on my 2000 Ford Excursion and noticed a serious increase in power towing my trailer. My truck has the Triton V10 gas engine. I am not sure how it will work on other vehicles but it was well worth the money for me...
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dont give anyone selling anything online a credit card if you dont have to
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I see the attempt at what they're doing. Adding a fuel to the intake tract, the O2 sensor will read rich and lean out the injectors, thus saving gas. Now the supplimental fuel, if in a gas and not a vapor will work. If it is in a vapor, then it falls to the 16 to 1 ratio fuel must burn at and all there doing is heating up the fuel like a WAI and increasing a small percentage in overall MPG.

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