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Originally Posted by 101mpg View Post
Tax credits ARE given out on more than hybrids. SUVs qualify for businesses as "farm equipment." So lots of (mostly small business) business owners buy their personal vehicle through the business to get a tax cut.
I'm a small business owner. My next vehicle will be purchased by the business to get a tax break. It'll be selected with the needs of the business in mind.

And guess what, it won't be an SUV. The short list currently has stuff like a Yaris, a Prius, a TDI diesel, etc. on it.

We're not all nuts.

First politician who taxes vehicles based upon their fuel economy (anything above 40 mpg gets zero taxes) gets my vote.
How would you implement that? Not challenging your statement, just trying to understand what you have in mind.

Thing is, we already know a vehicle's real world FE depends a lot on the driver, maintenance, conditions, etc. If you buy a 30MPG vehicle and hypermile it to 45 consistently, aren't you more deserving of a tax break than the guy who buys a 45MPG vehicle and lead-foots it down to 30? Ideally any sort of tax break would be based on what the specific vehicle is actually doing, rather than what the government says that model ought to be doing.

But anything that encourages manufacturers to build more efficient vehicles (and people to buy them) is a step in the right direction, I suppose.


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I STRONGLY doubt that people will allow this to happen. Gas prices are an election hot-button. We WILL get taxed for whatever the pork-barrel government wants accomplished, but it probably won't be an increase in gas prices because those are more visible than a fraction of a percent on an income tax increase. It's all in the mind.

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yes, i understand we subsidize others in MANY areas. and THAT is exactly my point-it needs to stop. no doubt there are many families like mine hardly making it w/out assistance. on the edge if you will.

i've worked for only one employer in my life that charged extra on health insurance premiums for tobacco users. oh, and don't get caught lying...big mistake! these types of things would level the playing field.

BTW, how do you like your gov't and its spending? don't know much about Japan here.

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