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Re: Greetings again to all.

At least with Evansville you have the topography of the Ohio river valley, but even still..

New England, however... as my wife put it: "It's like those 2 or 3 roads in Fort Wayne that were actually interesting, but ALL the roads are that."

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Re: Greetings again to all.

Evansville/Newburgh have some topography, but the actual road planners suck. There are stoplights every 100 feet. Roads share names and change names without warning. There are 5 or 6 DIFFERENT "Mill Roads" in Evansville alone. And every time I go back to Evansville/Newburgh, the city keeps redesigning roads and moving intersections. Want to go straight through the light? Can't do it anymore! Want to go north on xx Street? It doesn't connect anymore. You should have turned left two blocks back.

In Indy, I live right off Georgetown Road. It changes to "Pike Plaza Blvd. a couple of stoplights down, and then changes to "Moller Road" a bit farther down. Three road names in less than 2 miles.

Don't even get me started on the Interstate 69 mess. After 15 years of discussion and planning, they have paved about 2 miles of road, and it connects to nothing. Move about 50 miles north to Washington, and they're building overpasses to connect two halves of an interstate that may or may not pass through there. If it does, it will not be for several more years. UGH! I'm 29, and I'll be lucky if I live to ever turn a wheel on the darn road.

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Re: Greetings again to all.

Roads around here don't change name too much, generally not more than twice per town, but it doesn't matter because the signs are often missing.

Construction problems like I69 (lol) are universal, we get the same crap here. The most common manifestation is as follows:
1. Talk about it for 10 years as we all destroy our cars on severely damaged roads.
2. It comes up as a bond question in an election and fails 3 elections before it finally passes.
3. 5 years of discussion, planning, and bidding
4. Crews survey the road
5. Wait a year
6. Put equipment out and close off lanes
7. Wait 6 months
8. Grind up the road
9. Wait 2 years with the road chewed up, lanes closed, construction speed limit set to 20mph below normal with double fines and spotty enforcement
10. Pave a few miles
11. Wait 6 months
12. Pave a few miles
{ many more steps as it takes...}
##. Suddenly pave all the rest, even if it's 100 miles, in a 6 hour span of time and clean everything up
...then 6 months later the scandals start. The project wasn't done right and is falling apart. The contractor paid off the inspector. The workers were having sex in the grader cab and driving the paving machine to Dunkin Donuts...

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